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JobyTAKK - On-the-Job Learning for TAKK staff and students
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Internationality is strongly emphasized in TAKK strategy and international activities are not only prerequisite to the development of implementations but also an entity that itself develops actions. The business idea of TAKK reflects TAKK’s international role: TAKK promotes the success of its customers in a sustainable way by offering both education and development services – domestically as well as internationally. Enhancing the skills related to international activities is one of the focus areas of the competence development in the HR and Training programme of TAKK for 2014-2015, according to the TAKK main strategy. Worklife cooperation and competence development in the workplace has been chosen as the focal area of development in this project. In addition to the students and trainers, also other TAKK personnel can participate in the project, particularly developing their substance competences (e.g. property management, secretaries). The conrete goal of the project is to provide personnel members training periods (job shadowing) in European partner institutions and companies. Trainers, whose periods also include company visits, set up and make sure the quality on-the-job periods for their students at the same time; the essential goal of the project is to get to know the worklife cooperation of the partner educational institutions, competence development at the workplace and strengthening the worklife skills. Furthermore the personnel has a chance to strengthen their own field substance competence. The goal of the project for students is to provide a chance to have an optional international path among all job applicants of the field, enforcing self-knowledge and courage, researching touch at work and both communicative and social preparedness. The goal is to search on-the-job positions that develop vocational competence and to include these European on-the-job experiences as essential parts of the work career, be the student applying for a job or in employment. The impact of the project for the personnel: - the focus areas of the project; the improved skills for worklife cooperation and for competence development at the workplace and the new ideas and improved skills for developing work skills by using European examples and expriences - finding new on-the-job positions for the students of one’s own specific vocational field and enforcing cooperation partnerships - developing individual substance competence - strengthening linguistic and multicultural skills - better coping at work and new enthousiasm for developing one’s vocational training field The impact of the project for the students: - Unemployed students as a target group get significant references from the European workplaces of their international competence, enforce their employability, strengthen their competitiveness at the labour market and allow them to show their work skills in a new operational environment - working students have a chance to do competence exchange by taking their experience to the on-the-job places from Finland and Tampere region, and vice versa get experiences to their home organisations from Europe - As a reference group, employers that send their employees to the mobility periods get to influence the contents and impact of the period at the workplace once the participant returns. For the employees the mobility period brings about a chance to establish connections to the customers and partners in the on-the-job workplaces and to get to know the services, products, management practices and various work processes of each other. The impact of the project for the receiving organisations: - Educational institutions get new viewpoints and new competence from the TAKK personnel members who do their job shadowing periods with them - when there are staff training involved in the mobility period, the educational institutions have a chance to enforce their educational offering - the companies receiving students to the on-the-job periods get vocationally qualified employees of the adult students. For all the participants, the project enforces the ability and skills to act and communicate in international networks and strengthens a long-term cooperation of the networks. The provision of information in the project is carried out throughout the project in keeping blogs, in making news to the web pages and by newsletters. The project is continuously evaluated by methods of self-evaluation, by collecting feedback and in the strategical level, by the Board of TAKK.
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