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Job shadowing 2.0 - for Peace and Sustainability
Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

In the period of one year 14 youth leaders from organisations in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Argentina, Ghana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Bangladesh and Nepal, will participate in this project focusing on the link between peace-building and environmental sustainability. All project partner organisations are members of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders). The youth-based organisations will each select one youth leader to engage in a job shadowing project where the youth leaders will make a one week visit to one of the other project partner organisations.The job shadowing project will take place throughout 2013.1 will start with a preparatory meeting in January and will continue with job-shadowing.visits each lasting one week where the youth leader will travel to one of the partner organisations.The job-shadowers will engage in research and local outreach activities dealing with peace-building and environmental sustainability in the partner country she or he is visiting during the job shadowing week reaching almosr 1500 youth directly in the 14 countries combined.During their visits the job-shadowers will share their experience and knowledge on how to run a youth organisation, in a different part of the world and discuss everyday organisational issues such as management and legal structures. Additionally, they strengthen their knowledge in how to carry out local youth projects and discuss the full project cycle: project development, implementation and evaluation. The project will conclude with a global campaign on Youth, Peace and Sustainability to celebrate the International Day of Peace on 21 September, 2013 reaching almost 4.000 people directly. As a part of the celebration, the research report on Youth, Peace and Sustainability produced by the 14 job-shadowers will be launched:Throughout the project period the youth leaders and partner organisations will document their experiences and gained knowledge using videos, photos and online blogs on the project website on the Peace Portal, ( main aim of the project is to increase the awareness and capacity of our network organisations to work on the links between peace-building and environmental sustainability. The project aims to create awareness about environmental issues which affect youth throughout the world and put their sustainability, and thus peace, at risk. The project fosters the search of grass-root creative solutions to local and global environmental issues and addresses the role of the local communities and especially young people, in this.Additionally the project aims to improve future international cooperation among our network of youth-led organisations and thereby strengthen the UNOY Peacebuilders' network as a whole. The project will ensure that the partners have a good understanding of the working realities of their counterparts and are better aware of the potentials of the partners of the network. This will ensure that future projects will have a more sustainable base to stand on.The tangible products of the project:« A global research report on Youth, Peace and Environmental Sustainability, based on the research reports from the 14 job shadowers. The report will include best practices of organisations on the topic, interviews with experts and field observations as well as recommendations to youth organisations on how to work with the topic of peace-building and environmental sustainability.« A project report detailing best practices on organisational and project management, as well as lessons learnt and rooms for improvement.•
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