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Job (R)evolution in Europe

The focus of the project Job (R)evolution in Europe is to discuss and carry out a versatile set of international activities about the past, the present and the future of European working life (working life in general, and some jobs in particular), to look back at some changes that have taken place on the European labour market since the early 1900s till today, to shed light to the current situation, and try to “foresee” the changes that may take place within the next 100 years. Activities and end products: Making of a guide: “How to survive”: a list of labour market vocabulary A logo of the Comenius project will be adopted. Posters of job market in the past and explanations to understand how the various jobs were done, exhibition in Romania.A powerpointpresentation will be made after collecting answers to a questionnaire about employment, unemployment, social security, …To follow this powerpointpresentation, a discussion will take place among students about summer jobs, This discussion will be held on the basis of a newspaper article written by Italian students after collecting answers from a questionnaire about holiday jobs.How to make a good European How to make a good application letter?Comparison of the purchasing power to understand the value of money in each country. The results will be done under the form of diagrams.We’ll support collaborative learning, in groups, to address complex problems requiring creative and innovative solutions.A drama about DO’s and DON’Ts in job situations. It will be filmed in order to make a movie for all the participants.Job in the future will be represented under various forms such as drawings, sculptures, plasters, paintings, etc…..With these actions, we expect to reduce the number of people leaving school early or with a low level of basic skills, we’ll implement the European Qualifications Framework. Another objective is to reinforce the role of lifelong learning in creating a sense of European citizenship and

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