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Job Club +
Start date: Nov 1, 2013,

The project aims at developing, testing and disseminating at European level an effective and sustainable methodology to increase the employability of Low-skilled Long-term unemployed people (LTU) by providing key-training and guidance. The major aim of increasing the employability of those people encompasses the objectives of upskilling, educating and empowering them via a range of complementary and balanced activities. The proposed methodology is an enhanced version of a Job Club (JC), thus called Job Club Plus (JC+).A JC is a help club for unemployed or underemployed people, to facilitate self-help in the job search and to monitor progresses. In a JC people meet regularly to discuss their efforts and share outcomes. The basic JC, mostly used in USA/UK and only recently in others such as Italy, is fit for average users but inappropriate for low-skilled and more vulnerable people, who need much more support from educational, technical and psychological point of view. The enhanced JC version includes these elements, resulting composed of:a) assessment of competences b) job-hunting techniques course c) traditional Job Club d) Key training: 3 short training paths on ICT, literacy in mother tongue, self-learning competences e) Job-hunting personal kit preparation laboratoryf) Psychological counselling. In this way, the project offers an effective tool to face the problem of long term unemployment through an integrated path comprising up-skilling, empowering and educating disadvantaged adults. In so doing, the project strongly contributes to break the negative connection between low education and low possibilities of employment while providing a gratifying hands-on learning experience that strongly contributes to the personal growth of each participant. As in fact 2012 Eu Employment Observatory Review reports, all educational groups have been affected by the crisis in relation to LTU, but it is the lower educated groups that experience the highest rates.

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