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Jo dziļāk mežā, jo zaļāk!
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth Exchange project "The deeper in the forest, the greener!" will be implemented in Latvia, Cibla district, Zvirgzdene parish, Ezernieki, guest house "Cirmas' Lakeshore" from 04.09.- 11.12.2016. The project will involve the organizations from Programme Countries- Latvia, Poland and Bulgaria, as well as organizations from Partner Countries- Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova. Each of the participating organization will be represented by five members, in age between 18- 30 years, including the socially marginalized or difficult attainable young people, as well as young people who are facing social, economic or geographical obstacles. The aim of the Youth Exchange project "The deeper in the forest, the greener!" is to promote young people's awareness of the forest as a national wealth, as source of lives and income, as well as to educate young people about how knowledge of the forest can interact with the business.Objectives of the project are as follows:1. Ensuring the high quality of a Youth Exchange project development, its progress and conclusion.2. During the Youth Exchanges provide diversity, a safe environment for inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue, as well as an opportunity for young people to build an independent value and learn how to respect each other and each individual's rights.3. Ensure equal environment for participants of the Youth Exchange, to successfully learn and develop through non-formal education methods.4. Through the non-formal education methods allow youth exchange participants, on their own, get acquainted with the forest as national treasures and to be able to link the knowledge of the forest with potential business opportunities.5. Endanger young people's interest in their country's natural riches and to provide tools, in order that young people are able to successfully launch implementation of new and promising ideas, when they return to their home country.During the Youth Exchange project non-formal education methods will be used, such as: get to know each other activities, ice-breaking and team building activities, energizers, group work and individual work, seminars, discussions, presentations, brainstorming, simulation games, creative workshops, outdoor activities, intercultural evenings, tours, and more.During the Youth Exchange project "The deeper in the forest, the greener!" young people over the non-formal education methods will get acquainted with the role of forests, the values that are in it, the flora and fauna, protected areas and the importance of environmental conservation, as well as forest resource efficiency. Young people will learn by doing, they will participate in various group activities and will work individually. Each young person will be able to find their needs appropriate and interesting learning method. During the exchange young people will take part in outdoor activities in the forest, will learn the art of orienteering and create orienteering game. Similarly, young people will take part in workshops and will discover how to make good use of the materials found in the forest, will learn ow to see the forest ecological and social functions, as well as the value of forest in tourism and business. During the Youth Exchange the photo exhibition "Closer to the forest, closer to ourselves!" will be implemented, which will also be available to local residents of Karsava municipality. Youth Exchange closing event will be Night mushroom festival "Ejom Bakuot!", which is organized for the fourth year in Karsava municipality with the help of the Association "Puga". Youth Exchange participants will take part in the festival organization and will go as well to hunt mushrooms in the night.
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