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JihlavaLerma: palabras, canciones, bailes, trajes
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is framed inside a cooperation that has taken place between both schools, Gymnázium Jihlava and IES Valle del Arlanza, for 5 years without interruption. After starting contact through a Bilateral Comenius Project in 2009, it was followed by a Comenius Students Mobility for two school years, with very successful results. Due to these good results, both schools have decided to keep on cooperating with a wider project. This project will be around two of the most emblematic musicians in the surroundings of the schools: Gustav Mahler and Antonio de Cabezón. With them, it is intended to make participants and general audience aware of the importance of music in general, and of both musicians in particular. In a general way, we intend to reach some very ambitious goals: preparing music performances, recording of performances, preparing simultaneous cultural activities to the concerts which widen the importance of both musicians, publishing materials and improving linguistic competences in Czech, Spanish and English. This will motivate the musical link of two countries and towns which, aparently, have no common nexus, but with a similar procedure, which strengthens the idea of European citizenship. Some way or other, all the students and teachers of both schools will take part in the project. Nevertheless, in a direct way, we can say that there will be 6 teachers in charge, 12 students who will take part in a long-term mobility (3 months) and 40 students who will join a short-term mobility (8 days). These will be the ones who will directly work on the topic of the project and the ones who will be responsible for its development and dissemination. A big number of activities will be programmed to get the objectives of the project, such as concerts in the school and also open to the general public, exhibitions of educational materials related with both musicians, delivering of DVDs with the performed activities, publishing of leaflets and posters, collaboration with local and regional museums about the musicians, visits to different museums related with music in general and with both musicians in particular. The methodology to be used will be, mainly, participative. Our intention is to make the students the main actors of the project, and they will develop, study, exhibit and disseminate the materials. Teachers will be the students' coordinators and guides, and the general audience will also benefit from the final results. There will also be a systematic and regular evaluation of the development of the project, to modify or correct those aspects which don't work correctly. As final results, on the material side, we will get diverse educational disseminating material based on the lives and work of Gustav Mahler and Antonio de Cabezón, which can be used both by the participating schools and for other schools or local and regional institutions. On the personal side, both students, teachers and people in general are intended to appreciate music and, specially, the work of these two musicians. So, our students will get a better musical training, taste for art and music and the habit of group-work.
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