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Język, tradycje, współpraca. Kultura Anglii i język angielski w szkole podstawowej.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Subject: "Language, traditions, cooperation. English Studies and English at primary school " In our Juliusz Slowacki Primary School No. 1 in Stargard Szczecinski ,we never have had international cooperation. The vast majority of teachers do not use the possibility of a foreign study tours. Participation in the project Erasmus + were a landmark step towards opening up to European standards and the start of international cooperation. Through participation in the project we established contacts with teachers and institutions from different countries, thanks to which it is possible to further business with joint ventures. In addition to the establishment of international cooperation, the objectives of the project were: the acquisition of knowledge on innovative teaching methods, including the use of modern information and communication technologies (ICT), the exact knowledge of English culture (mainly through participation in cultural life - sightseeing, galleries, museums, visit theaters and cinemas, participation in current events, the purchase of new books in English), the acquisition of language and communication skills, the opening of teachers and students on cultural diversity, gaining the ability to work in an international team of European attitudes education(the equality, tolerance, openness), the exchange of experiences with other teachers, to raise the prestige of our institution and also the teacher’s position and the authority. The goals that were established we realize mainly by organization the school trips for the teachers. The project assumes the trip for five teachers of our school for the foreign trainings, that took place in different cities of Great Britain. There were the methodological, methodological-language or methodological-language-culture courses for the English teachers and also the general language course for one teacher. The participants of this project chose the courses that ideally suited for their training needs. Moreover, they took the training needs of the whole institution into consideration. Their choice presents as follows: • Joanna Nowak-Górska (English teacher) – Creative Teaching in the Primary Classroom w Oxfordzie; • Beata Andrusz (English teacher) – Language Development and Teaching Skills w Londynie, Dorota Ignaszak (nauczycielka matematyki) – kurs ogólny języka angielskiego w Wielkiej Brytanii; • Izabela Wojciechowska (primary education teacher) – English in the Primary Classroom w Brighton, • Justyna Kucharska (English teacher) – Language, Methodology and Culture w Brighton, The general English course is contribute to improve the quality of the teacher’s work that she spoke English in a lesser degree or basic until now. The methodological-language-culture courses in which the English teachers planed to take part, enriched their methodological workshop for new, innovative solutions. Thanks to these solutions, the school match up to European standards in teaching, the students’ results are improving and the language achievements, and also the speaking skills that are necessary to contact with the foreign peers. By means of the course focused on the dissemination of the culture of England (including the course Language, Methodology and Culture, which was attended by Justyna Kucharska where was provided daily block devoted to culture), as well as the independent activities of teachers (visiting galleries, museums and monuments , interviews with city dwellers, collecting promotional materials, reading books on culture, reading contemporary English literature), teachers had the opportunity to acquire knowledge in this field, and then enriching for information about the culture of their lessons, extracurricular activities, cultural events.This year we organized regular events such as the British Culture Day or the European Week. Long-term effects of participation in the project is improving the quality of teaching in our school, which translated into improved student performance in science and their scientific achievements (success in these competitions and language). Is also sought international cooperation, which in our school did not run. Manifest itself in eTwinning projects, conferences, methodical, exchanges of students and teachers, and other cooperation projects in the future.
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