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Język angielski – poszerzamy horyzonty rozwoju zawodowego uczniów i nauczycieli.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The school is considered to be a leader in local vocational training in technical fields. In times of demographic decline and problems in recruiting among other schools, our school is unique among other educational institutions in the region of Radom. It is an active institution whose purpose is to implement further measures to strengthen the European dimension of education. The main objectives of the project English language – we expand the horizons of the professional development of students and teachers, designed to lead to even further internationalization of its nature, are as follows: 1. Improve communication in foreign languages, 2. Prepare students for life in a changing European labour market, 3. Awareness of what students’ and teachers’ need to learn throughout life, 4. Stressing the importance of the ability to use modern information and communication technologies - ICT in every area of life, 5. Students’ education in the European spirit, 6. International cooperation, 7. School management at the European level. The project envisages the development of language skills in connection with the development of the ability to use and promote ICT solutions. This idea is reflected not only in the different activities, but also in the profiles of the participants. The project consists of 5 teachers of English, each with different professional experiences and 2 teachers of vocational subjects (electrical and information technology), one of whom is also a career advisor. Such choice guarantees good cooperation accompanying a multi-faceted project. It will not be limited to one subject - English, but its effects and the experience gained will be disseminated and communicated to students via different subject lessons and through various forums. A very important aspect is that the school promotes the widespread use of ICT by students and teachers, hence the presence of the IT teacher. The results of the project will be: - better educated staff, transferring their knowledge to students in the best possible way; - greater involvement of schools and teachers in educational projects – better skills in raising funds and implementing projects; - greater skills in promoting initiatives implemented by the school; - school staff more aware and open to the world; - establishing relations and contacts with new partners. Strengthening already existing projects by involving new partners. The emergence of ideas for new activities; - using better teaching methods and introducing pedagogical innovations, including the use of ICT tools; - school staff with higher self-esteem, more self-confident and aware of their abilities; - better use of tools such as the eTwinning platform; - propagating Europass documents, in particular the European Language Passport and CV. In the long-term perspective - the standard of teaching for the whole school will increase; - the institution will become more prestigious and attractive for young people to choose as their future school; - the students will be more acquainted with navigating the labour market, being more successful in the field; - the students will become more pro-European, open to the world and other countries and willing to broaden their horizons; - the idea of continued learning through life will be promoted; - the school will carry out several international projects; - the students will develop their attitudes of active citizenship and they will be encouraged to take an active part in social life at local, national and European level; - the promotion will increase and the skills of using IT technologies will develop; - the students’ self-confidence and a sense of their self-worth will increase expanding their social capital significantly; - not only the students but also the teachers will be able to establish a relationship with their colleagues and peers, which may turn into a lifelong friendships; - the labour mobility will increase. The project activities will be conducted to disseminate the results and outcomes leading to a multiplication of the benefits achieved. In addition, the school will put into effect a number of actions to promote the project and to reach the largest group of carefully selected target groups. Evaluation of the project, carried out at every stage of its life cycle, will answer the questions of whether and how we managed to achieve these objectives, as well as answering any questions as to why we failed to achieve certain objectives (if this is the case).

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