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Jeunes éco-entrepreneurs d'Europe
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is based on opening young people's minds as future actors of their own countries, future building workers, future parents, future industrial entrepreneurs. We are 6 partner countries and we can add e twinning partners. This group will count many students and teachers and we hope to enlarge this project in these two years of project. In a new innovating collaborative way between partners of this project, it seems right to create a junior industry on a European scale, to take profit of this experience and to promote this way for other classes, other schools begin this enriching adventure. The main objective will be to find, compare and exchange good uses in industries and organizations which have a responsible strategy of development and profitable development which are compatible. In details : To create national junior industries on a European level. To train to entrepreneurial activity on a national scale and explore the possibilities on European scale while creating a synergy of national partners' project. To train in new innovationg techniques (e.g start-ups) and to let the students create products or innovating services, diffused on a site or different merchandising sites of this project. To create with the help of videos pedagogical sequences on entrepreneurial activity in Europe and to diffuse them as a MOOC. To teach students to European citizenship and to open them to other cultures and educational national systems. They'll learn that durable development will be an entire part in their future as citizens, consumers and actors in Europe and have realised that firms can be profitable and durable. With the help of their teachers, students will make researches, will ask professionals, will visit firms in order to determine the criteria for a responsible firm and elect the most responsible firm. They'll create their own mini industry on a national scale and will plan a European firm which responds to a chart (written by the students at the beginning of the project) from a responsible eco-firm. The added value to give advice to the professionals of Education, students and professionals of industries. 1. To open the doors of a European work market. 2. To ameliorate cooperation between partners in Education and Work world. To acquire and use the things you know, abilities and qualification in order to facilitate personal development and employability on the European market of work. Further on, teachers will share their experiences,activities of the project with lots of disciplines in the students' programmes leading to a large collaboration in each lyceum. The students will develop a larger comprehension on European subjects and will study key abilities like communication, team work and problem sloving. The awaited results for this project are : To get deeper in the abilities and have a better preparation in professional insertion. A better comprehension of marketing and commercial strategies on the sale through internet (creation of an e-commerce site) An opening on ethical notions, social responsibility in industries, fair trade, durable development. An autnomy development and responsability with the students, who will be confronted to decision taking , to team working on national and international level (collaboration work) and to get organized in the firm. The knowledge of tools and methods to create video linked with pedagogical sequences. An intercultural opening on the European countries in the partnership. To get deeper in the European citizenship (with the comparison in cultures and discovery of way of life in diversity). The use of a commom foreign language (to introduce some parts in English.)
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