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Jeunes, adultes de Méditerranée, tous engagés pour confronter, conforter, développer des compétences professionnelles, des connaissances culturelles gagent d’employabilité, pour devenir, encore davantage, citoyen et partenaire européens
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Regional Federation (FR) MFR is an association of 18 MFR training institutions forming young adults in alternation in the following fields: agriculture, environment, personal services, businesses and crafts. This association is managed by a Board of Directors (BO) whose 15 members come from departmental Federations (FD), which is composed of directors of MFR institutions. They are elected and determine the policy according to the FD and the MFR in order to support young people in reaching their goals. As such, it has taken measures since 2006 to support the MFR network project leaders so that actors, young apprentices, training professionals can experience mobility in Europe. Projects aimed at public school initial training, apprenticeship and to people responsible for educational institutions (trainers, education staff, managers, administrators, tutors ...) were organized and according to which the FR was able to identify a real success. It wants to benefit from a future 2 year internship experience in Europe for 287 young students, 75 apprentices and 99 adults by combining a few guidelines(9). For this, it has assigned 2 people to support the awareness and the professionalization of project leaders in relation with a steering committee. This is an opportunity for participants to discover countries and cultures associated with England, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, and the Netherlands. The MFR of the Regional Federation reinforces participants already involved in a sandwich course, opening them to wider knowledge and professional practice in order to gain more skills and to make them more competitive and employable. Our goal is the SUCCESS of this project and its integration in the local professional market and in the competitive European market. Committed to the vocational education and training, participants are mainly positioned in placement activities in connection with the business sector in which they operate. For adults, this mobility is part of their training throughout life. FR encourages teams to live a mobility experience to share their educational and professional skills with those from partner countries, to promote mobility within our network (parents, students, tutors) and on our territory (companies, communities, families). This is also an opportunity to meet the desire of the institution which is to offer a professional course for all teachers encouraging them to adapt their training to the reality of the working world and to provide them with new techniques, practices, knowledge so they can improve their educational methods. Impact in terms of knowledge will accompany each youth towards personal and professional success. There is an educational project in each MFR which includes mobility. Impact in terms of knowledge, will accompany each adult towards professionalism, but also on educational methods to mobilize: A shared benefit for the adults as well as for the students. More mobility, more and more projects, more young people and adults involved, to give further importance to European citizenship and employability in Europe. This is a unifying project that generates many benefits. Teams working together again, thanks to this local project, team members can build, capitalize on the project of the RF. Parents and professionals involved in these projects, supporting the importance of living a mobility experience, an internship in Europe. A broadening for our institution, included in our project 2015/25, offering a mobility experience to a large number of students, and developed at all school levels. A mobilization on all the actions proposed by ERASMUS +. Networks that grow and create wealth for young people and adults, which have grown and will continue to grow....
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