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Jeu en extérieur et développement durable dans les structures éducatives
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

While the time spent in nursery, then at school and in recreation centers is steadily increasing for children, their "outside" time decreases. The courtyard is often the only place where children can freely play outside. However, this is a pedagogically disinvested place, poor in games, where "chaos" reigns and which is, in fact, a very "accident-prone" and stressful place for educational teams. Meanwhile, our society produces more and more objects and as a result, we can observe the increase of waste of all kinds: unsold factory stock, default objects, packaging, objects that are old-fashioned ... All of them are still poorly reused and recycled. In response to these observations, the project partners base their approach on the English experience of Children's Scrapstore and offer a project "Outdoor games and sustainable development in educational structures" which aims to: - Transform the human and physical environment outside in the courtyard of educational structures so that children can live quality playful experiences during extra-curricular and leisure time by reusing objects; - Change the view on playing in educational structures by developing a better understanding of its role and its impact in the lives of children in order to upgrade and promote its importance. The project is to be experimented in France, in a school and a recreation center, as well as in Spain, in a nursery. It consists of the installation and animation on the playground of the "Playpod", a big box of 15 m² filled with disparate objects previously selected on the basis of security and its playfulness. This experiment includes accompanying adult supervisors to become the game’s facilitators and not only "guards" of the yard, by providing training on free playing and a sustainable development component on the issue of waste. The objective of the partnership, beside the transfer of knowledge, is to measure the impact of this pedagogical device at each site in order to adapt it to local contexts and assess its relevance in the construction and development of the child. To do this, 2 research organizations are partners in the project and monitor the experiment at the pilot sites. 6 organizations cooperate in the project: Children's Scrapstore, creator of this innovative pedagogical device, the Association Jouer pour Vivre, which carries the experiment out in an elementary school in France, the Ligue de l’Enseignement, a popular education movement, which works with a recreation center and Encis, a Spanish cooperative that will accompany the nursery. The research institutions are the University of Paris 13 for France and the Ferrer Guardia Foundation for Spain. The project participants are leaders of NGOs, educational stakeholders and researchers. Around thirty are directly involved in the activities. Target audiences are the educational stakeholders of the 3 countries and more specifically children between the age of 3 and 11 and staff teams of educational.
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