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Jesteśmy różni, jesteśmy równi
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Publiczne Gimnazjum im. Mariana Rejewskiego in Białe Błota is a local school in a rural area, presently employing 52 teachers. There are 395 students in attendance in 16 forms, spanning 3 years. All students attend compulsory classes in English and German languages. Most of our students are moderately motivated and driven, although there is a handful of exceptional individuals who achieve successes in regional and national competitions. Our school cooperates with many institutions in the area and is actively involved in the life of the local community, bringing our students into equation. In the past several years, we have been involved in a number of national and international educational projects. In our „We Are Different, We Are Equal” project, realized within the framework of the Erasmus Plus programme, we have planned for 10 teachers of our school to participate. They are teachers of English (4 people), one teacher of German, Polish, maths, science, history and one librarian. The selection of teachers was quite deliberate since through their participation in the programme our school will be able to introduce better practices, in collaboration within subject-based teams of teachers as well as in achieving common educational goals. The process of choosing candidates was open and democratic. Their destinations include language or methodology courses in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Austria. The courses chosen by the participants are relevant to their professional profile and are going to contribute to satisfying our school's needs as well as to the the development of those areas which require improvement. In taking part in the mobilities, the management and staff hope to accomplish objectives which emerge from, as determined by our analyses, our school's needs. These include improving language skills of teachers, promoting openmindedness, tolerance and respect towards diversity within the community of students and in the local area, strenghtening the European dimension of our school and its international status, as well as training teachers to implement new techniques in their teaching practice and designing an international cooperation. The experience gained by our teachers during their methodology and language courses abroad will have a tremendous influence on the strategy of our school's development in the future. As a result of our teachers' participation in the mobilities and the implementation of the project, our colleagues will gain new knowledge and skills, greatly improve their professional competences, boost their knowledge of English and German languages, enrich their professional vocabulary, refine and expand their knowledge of using modern ICT tools in class. They are going to be able to adopt innovative solutions and creative teaching methods in their teaching practice, become acquainted with a number of teachers from different European countries, which in turn will bring about the beginning of an international cooperation. Our students are going to witness the emergence of our European involvement and cooperation that will inspire them to promote Euroean values in the future. Active participation in projects like this will enhance the awareness of social diversity among students. They are going to discover that openmindedness and tolerance are fundamental virtues of a European citizen. Everyone involved in the project – the participants, school staff, students, parents and the local community are going to benefit on a long-term basis from our participation in it. It will influence the shape our future practices, the language course participants will have an opportunity to develop and implement original syllabuses in English and German classes, utilizing their newly-acquired knowledge in the realm of ICT tools as well as aspects of combining language instruction and teaching of non-linguistic subjects. The dissemination of the results of our project is going to include sharing our findings both within our school (organizing training sessions for the rest of the staff, cooperating within our subject-based teams and creating interesting lessons in languages and cultures of foreign countries) and outside it (organizing object lessons for teachers from the local area and our region, workshops for college students from Bydgoszcz, meetings with parents and holding theme events for students from local schools). One of our project designs is to make use of European documents and tools – the Europass Language Passport, Europass Mobility as well as the eTwinning platform. Our teachers' participation and the implementation of the project is definitely going to contribute to attaining our educational goals, increase the prestige and competitiveness of our school as well as improve its European and international status.

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