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Je suis Charlie? Nous sommes EU
Start date: May 15, 2015, End date: Oct 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project ““Je suis Charlie ? Nous sommes UE” aims are coherent with the European objectives and in particular with the “ERASMUS +” Programme priorities like “youth participation” and “Ethics, religion and philosophy (incl. Inter-religious dialogue)”. Thanks to best practices exchange between young people of different countries and cultures, with their participation to activities and events organized according to non formal education methodology, a democratic and effective confrontation will take place among new generations on relevant topics, such as youth participation and Ethics, religion and philosophy (incl. Inter-religious dialogue), which are priorities of European Union and in particular of the Erasmus+ Programme. This project is intended to exploit the needs of young people regarding participation and inclusion, focusing on the intercultural and interreligious dialogue, at the European and the international level. Nowadays we face huge problems such as diffidence and fear of the other, wrongly intended as an enemy or a stranger, also because of the recent episodes in France, so Municipality of Albanella and its European partners are sure that dialogue and mutual understanding are the best and more effective answers. We are sure that a battle against the dichotomy Islam-West, the misunderstandings between groups, and radicalisms of whatsoever origin, can be fought “only” with weapons such as mutual understanding, exchange of experiences and meetings between people of very different background, but surely European. Actually, Europe richness is not into the single European currency but in its history and its motto “ In varietate concordia”. The path towards a total integration is still long, and certainly the financial crisis and the most recent events of international terrorism have not helped. But the European Union, considering topics such as "youth participation" and "Ethics, religion and philosophy (incl. Inter-religious dialogue)", has made huge progress in the recent decades thanks to the legislation on equal treatment, social inclusion, integration and adopted specific measures for the promotion of ethnic and religious minorities. The Municipality of Albanella is certainly interested in these issues and will positively benefit from the exchange, the main subject of the Project, and the activities carried out in it. The choice of foreign partners will start, not surprisingly, from the representative bodies of these diversities in Europe, building partnerships with countries with a Christian majority, a Muslim majority and a majority of atheists. In particular, partnership will be composed with Ireland, Croatia, Austria, Albania and Italy as hosting country. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate that the effective implementation of a United Europe about diversities, with the practical application of the principles and fundamental values of democratic and multi-cultural societies, can only be reached with concrete policies in all Member States, but also and mainly with individual and group courses. The explanation and comparison of best practices in different countries will be the basis of the Project, and this will be addressed in a fun, light and constructive way. This will be achieved through a series of activities and formal and non-formal exercises during the exchange, where facilitators and testimonials experts can stimulate this process, "educate" about the respect for diversity and mutual enrichment, and to get the best from differences between young people from different countries. The Timetable will include creative workshops, outdoor activities and presentation of Programmes and opportunities that the EU is offering, thus creating moments of training, information and entertainment in the 10 days when young Europeans will be guests at Albanella. The experience will be even more original because the accommodation will be split among two different places, such as a bed&breakfast in Albanella and the Oasis of Bosco Camerine. The exchange is also seen as a tool to promote active European citizenship. The project will allow participants to share experiences and implement activities that will be framed in a dimension of non-formal education, aimed at obtaining the maximum involvement of young people. In all, 31 european young people will be the main characters of the project (6 for each country plus one Youth leader as facilitator). Young people will be invited to participate but especially to organize the project, assisted by the group leaders and organizations that can share best practices from the area of origin. The initiative will give participants the opportunity to increase the sense of leadership and responsibility, personal participation, leadership, fostering the ability to act as individuals and in groups in different situations. We are young, we are Jews, Atheists, Muslims, we are European people.
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