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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The school developed a project ACQUISITION OF NEW TEACHING AND LEARNING APPROACHES THROUGH ICT with a view to facilitating professional growth of the teaching staff and pursuing the school vision of internalization, capacity-building and modernization. With this project, the applicant aims to build on teachers’ competences, improve project participants’ command of English as a foreign language, introduce new ICT tools in the educational environment and promote project participants’ intercultural awareness and tolerance through international networking with a view to enabling more active social involvement, developing a sense of European citizenship and helping the school rise in public prestige. The project is implemented by two teachers– a primary school teacher and an English teacher. Both teachers are active and motivated to represent the school in the Erasmus+ program and, subsequent to their involvement in the project, to share with learners and teachers of their own school any knowledge obtained over the course of its duration, as well as to disseminate their project experience to teachers of other schools within the region. For the duration of the project, various activities of different kinds are planned. At the initial stage of the project, the two project applicants will inform their colleagues, the parents of their students and the local community about the school’s participation in the Erasmus+ K1 project. English language classes will be organized where the primary school teacher will improve her command of the English language and master relevant ICT terminology to be able to participate more efficiently in the planned mobility experience in Portugal, where the training will be held in English. Prior to the mobility, the school administration will take the necessary preparatory steps to enhance the efficiency of participant teachers’ mobility. During the mobility experience, the teachers will engage in mastering new ICT tools and more efficient ways of planning and organizing the teaching and learning process. The teachers’ pedagogical competences and foreign language skills will be built upon, their insight deepened and their vision broadened. Partners will be sought for further participation in the Erasmus+ K2 project. Following the mobility, the acquired knowledge and experience will be disseminated not only within the applicant school (with colleagues, learners and their parents), but also beyond through meetings with other schools of the region, which will broaden the project’s scope of influence. Following their participation in the mobility, the teachers will apply the acquired skills in the activities organized by and organize a videoconference with one of the other schools to participate in the mobility. We plan to inform the local media and regional municipalities as well as publish on the school webpage any relevant information about the course of the project, its aims and expected outcomes. It is expected that the knowledge acquired over the course of the project will be used by participant teachers in their teaching work, rendering the latter more efficient and boosting the learners’ motivation along with their confidence and interest in using ICT both within the classroom walls and beyond. New contacts and ties formed during the mobility will be used to promote cooperation and experience exchange among teachers as well as establish new partnerships for the expected K2 mobility in future. Crucially, the other teachers at the school will also be involved in the preparation of a video conference with another participant country in the mobility. It bears emphasizing that the teachers will be involved in activities to allow for practical application of the ICT skills developed during their mobility. The project will enhance the school’s popularity and improve its public image. It is estimated that over the course of the entire project the teachers will improve their pedagogical skills and boost their professional quality. Participation in the project will be an invaluable experience, which will make participant teachers better professionals and more competent specialists. It is expected that the project will improve the teachers’ competences so that they may become an example and an inspiration to their students in terms of becoming advocates of lifelong learning. We believe that the project will facilitate an independent learning culture in the applicant school, wherewith the teachers will become the driving force of change, examples of dedication and models of inspired commitment. We strongly believe that participation in the project will become a source of inspiration to other teachers of the applicant school to join in the activities organized by Erasmus+ in the future, which will help them make the school a better place for learners, teachers and the wider community.
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