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Jaunimo integracija į darbo rinką ugdant karjeros planavimo įgūdžius
Start date: May 17, 2015, End date: Nov 17, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project will take place in the exchange program, which will be held near the city of Kaunas in the farmstead. Estimated time exchange program August 17-24 days. Exchange programme will invite 35 participants (16-25 years old) from Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Germany and Italy. The participant will be represented by closely cooperating regions will enable to achieve long-term results of the project in relation to cooperation between the European Union citizens development, with particular emphasis on the promotion of employment opportunities in Europe. Objectives of the project: - The percentage of young people, including those with fewer opportunities, employment and business development opportunities in Europe and beyond - Increase young people's skills, in order to improve their career prospects (prepared career plan) - Develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship - To promote the active use of their rights and increasing participants' self-esteem - Improving young people's foreign language competence - Encourage other cultures and tolerance - To increase the participants' motivation to participate in other educational projects - Increase in non-formal education, employment and entrepreneurship, the interaction between During the project, the project participants will be provided with appropriate knowledge and skills associated with the transition into the labor market (career planning, motivational letter writing, simulated job interview, self-presentation, and so on.). Course of the project is to be developed that will allow the integrated application of acquired knowledge. As the project is focused on the improvement of youth employment opportunities and career planning, planned to implement the following activities: - Access to different career planning systems in different countries. - Discussions and workshops. The project is currently discussion about job opportunities, career planning subtleties career leaders. Invited entrepreneurs and their representatives are able to share their experiences of career planning, job procedures and deliver nuance, subtlety, which it expects employer accepting employee. - Work in groups in practical tasks. - Self-cognitive activity. Participants carrying out their tasks and tests will discover their personal characteristics, personality as a whole, and personality features links to career will know social roles and their impact on individual careers and develop their presentation skills. - Career opportunities for cognitive activity. Learn the lifelong learning opportunities, job diversity and change. Participate in the activities of career professionals. The visits and meetings with representatives of various professions will be organized. - Business development of cognitive activity. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with success in their activities in Kaunas entrepreneurs. Activities, participants will be introduced to the process of generating business idea, business plan, filling, market analysis, identification of risks. - Career planning activities. Participants will learn to raise life and career goals, planning and realization of the vision through personal career plan and instruments, working successfully find a niche and learn to settle there. This will create a personal career plan based on self-awareness, career exploration and career decision the results of the career plan alternatives. - Career implementation activities. Their participants will learn to develop and apply the most important career competences which are directly associated with the implementation of a career, the time and other resources; stress management career in complex situations; conflicts career situations; working and learning team building, collaboration; creative problem solving, information retrieval you use IT. - Employability skills building activities. Participants will be trained to prepare quality resumes, prepare for a profession are interested cover letters reveal their core competencies and integrate all the knowledge gained during the project. Simulation work will be organized to chat. -Simulations. Participants will play 3 simulation in order to develop strategic planning, negotiation, risk evaluation, investment skills. This project directly affects the "Erasmus + goals. Touches on various aspects of the larger development of youth employment opportunities, and improve career prospects, presents the opportunity to build a business as a career choice. Project activities during inhalation young people self-confidence, increase their self-esteem and feel that they can empower themselves in a meaningful and useful activity. The project will be used for non-formal education methods, during which the project participants will not only increase their knowledge about career planning, will acquire the necessary skills, but also will have the opportunity to improve their English language skills and increase cross-cultural awareness.
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