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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In 1995, UNESCO marked certain guidelines and officially recommended to all its member countries introducing the game of chess as educational material at schools. In our school, the current school year 2014-2015, we have introduced the subject of chess in the curriculum, within the extra hours available for the school according to the current educational law (Decree 108/2014, 4 July, the Board of Education which sets the curriculum and develops the general organization of primary education in Comunidad Valenciana), and as a resource to be used in the subject of mathematics in order to encourage the development of mathematical competence and with the subject of Physical Education, taking into consideration its sporty nature. On the other hand, there is a program of educational innovation that is being implemented. It was presented in July 2014 and approved by the Ministry of Education of our region. The program was entitled ¨Chess – learning and having fun at the same time¨. While already involved in the preparation of this Project, on the 11th of February of the current year, the members of the Congress of Deputies approved unanimously the urgent need, presented to the Spanish Government, of introducing the program ´´Chess at School´´ within the Spanish educational system, according to the recommendations of the European Parliament (March 2012), which encouraged us even more to keep working on improving the teaching of this subject, and finding partners within the European schools that have already introduced similar projects, in order to be able to contact them directly and to observe how the process of working with children functions. The project ¨Check Maths playing chess¨, is a project that comes with the dual aim of improving the quality of the school through playing chess and secondly, to increase the European dimension of our school. The main idea was the realization of a job shadowing and later examining different schools that were related with the chess activities. The chosen school was “Vrije Lagere School westdiep ”, from Ostende, Belgium, that meets the characteristics of having implemented and keep on realizing a program related with chess, under the supervision of an instructor who previously trains teachers; have created a chess team at the school, and at the same time, participate in national and local tournaments. With the realization of the job shadowing, two issues are combined: on one hand obtaining knowledge and unique experiences, related to the process of practicing chess in the classroom. That will improve the professional competence of teachers, which in consequence gives benefits to the student. And the other issue is contributing to the development of European consciousness that is to be passed to our students. The Job shadowing will last 5 days and will take place during the second week of October 2015, in order to apply in our school during the whole 2015-2016 school year, all the experiences collected in this observation visit. The election of the participants was held in a clear and transparent way: there were some selection criteria established for the teachers interested in this project, and the election of the participants was approved in the Board of Teachers. As far as the management of the Project is concerned, there will be a budgetary control carried away by the secretary of the school. And as for the time management, there have been some strategies set in order to optimize it. The participants have received prior training of English and chess for this project. For this reason, they are fully competent to integrate and internalize all the knowledge that the experience of the project offers. All the activities have been sequentialised, including the contents; so that the mobility will include not only activities at the school but also activities related to chess outside the educational centre. As for the communication with the school that receives us, there will be a channel established through e-Twinning, in which we will also publish the project so that the information about it can be disseminated, and we will contact with more partners interested in participating. Online games will also be organized between the two schools participating in the project, opening in this way an important means of communication among students from different European countries and help them achieve a high level of European consciousness. The impact of the project will be reflected by the results of the students in the evaluation of their mathematical competence, which will take place both internally and externally. And as far as the diffusion of the project is concerned, it will be carried out at local, regional, national, and European level, using various means of dissemination (through the educational centre, web page, publications in newspapers, e-Twinning).

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