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Jak na interpretaci přírodního a kulturního dědictví?
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Needs this project responds to are: better education for active protection and conservation of natural and cultural heritage, and explaination of its meaning and value. Therefore it is crucial to educate adults - particularly those ones working in the field of environmental protection and tourism, and also enable them to get professional qualifications such as „Outdoor guide“. However, in the Czech republic there is only limited number of educators or educational organizations, which would have experience of teaching interpretation of cultural and natural heritage as a tool for development of sustainable tourism. There is no complex course with this topic either.Therefore the aim of this project is to broaden and improve knowledge and skills of lecturers, methodists and professional guarantors (from Stredisko ekologicke vychovy SEVER Horni Maršov, o.p.s.) in this field, to gain appropriate skills for creating such complex course and to adopt methods how to teach other relavant adults the interpretation skills. Four of our employees will be involved in all project activities, these people have long experience with educating adults. Two of them will attend three-day course „Naturfürungen gestalten Natur und Kulturerbe bewahren“ in Austria in September 2016. Another two will attend four-day course „Visitors Welcome – Interpretation and Marketing for Heritage, Tourism and Countryside“ in the United Kingdom in May 2017. Attending such courses abroad will improve their interpretation skills, communication and language competences, they will gain new experience (such as practical excercises for course participants, public relations etc.). They will become mentors, who can pass these techniques on others. Before this main activity will come theoretical and language preparatory trainings, which will boost the efectiveness of the courses. The theoretical preparatory training will have and organizational and specialized part, during which the participants will expand their knowledge. During the language training the participants will learn relevant terminology needed for managing a specialized course in English or German language. There will be held a joint meeting after the first and the second course. At these meetings the participants should evaluate the course and share new-gained experience with other members of our organization. In the second meeting will be added evaluation of the whole project and discussion on how to use the acquired knowledge and experience in the future. Part of this meeting will be also creating a plan for a complex course of interpretation skills. Except for the courses abroad, all other activities of this project will be open to other interested employees of our organization and at the final meeting (the meeting after the second course) will participate at least 10 other employees. After completing the whole project, the participants will be able to introduce and teach interpretation skills, interpretation of cultural and natural heritage and how its preservation and appreciation can contribute to sustainable development or how to convince the authorities and public about the heritage importance. This should be done through a complex course, seminars or individual consultations or mentoring.

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