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Jak dosáhnout osobního maxima u každého žáka?
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “How to reach the pupil’s personal best?” focuses on improving quality of the tuition at our school. The main aim or the project is to gain new experiences, knowledge and skills while working with gifted pupils, disadvantaged pupils or pupils who have limited opportunities. The goal of the project is to help teacher to organize their tuition in a better way so each pupil works in his/her own pace and on his/her level. Gifted pupils will reach better, above-standard results; disadvantaged pupils and pupils who have limited opportunities will not deal with stress and will get to required level in their own pace. Another important aim of the project is personal development of involved teachers, improving of their language competencies, their ability to orient themselves in the non-native environment and different culture. Also their gaining of new contacts with different teachers is very important. All in all, the goal is to get more experiences with European level of education process. Ten teachers and headmaster will be involved in the project. The primary school teachers, lower-secondary school teachers, language teachers and the headmaster will take part in the project. Teachers were chosen to represent different areas of education in our school which will make easier further dissemination of newly gained knowledge and skills among other colleagues which will take part after each study visit. Non-language teachers will start their language preparation in the Czech Republic. They will attend languages courses or consulate with language teachers at school. They will also take part in language courses abroad, to gain required level of language and to gain certainty while staying in non-native environment. It is also their preparation for the job-shadowing, which will require higher level of communication skills to be able to discuss specialized topics. Further, some of the language teachers will participate on methodology courses. Each teacher will choose different course and he / she will present newly gained experience, methods and inspiration in a workshop or during a sample lesson to his / her colleagues. The job-shadowing is the most important part of our project. The headmaster of the school will focus on organization of the tuition, economic, legal and financial point of views of the educational process with gifted pupils, disadvantaged pupils or pupils who have limited opportunities. Primary level teachers will observe the work with young learners, how with gifted pupils, disadvantaged pupils or pupils who have limited opportunities are identified and how they are worked with. The lower-secondary level teachers will focus on education of 11 to 15 years old. English is taught at our school since 1st grade so the language teachers will observe pupils from 6-15 years old. They will focus on how to make the language teaching more efficient and also how to introduce culture of different country. Several meetings of school heads, coordinator of the project and involved teachers will take part during the project. These meetings will be realized before and after the teacher’s journey. The aim of the particular journey, its programme and organization preparations will be discussed before the journey. The meeting after the journey will deal with fulfilling of the given aims, newly gained knowledge and skills, evaluation of the journey. Plan of dissemination, final report, terms and form of presentation for other colleagues, will be set as well. Awaited impacts can be divided into two groups. Firstly, the impact on particular teachers; they will improve their language competency and orientation in non-native environment. The journeys will help them to strengthen their idea of European integrity, as well as their understanding and respecting of other cultures. Secondly, there is impact on school as well. Thanks to now experiences and skills of the teachers, the teaching curriculum will be changed so it will correspond with European standards. It is very important that the change will be visible for pupils themselves. Gifted pupils will be positively motivated and supported to work on above-level materials. Disadvantaged pupils and pupils who have limited opportunities will work in their own pace and with the help of extra materials to gain required level as well. Teachers thanks to their newly gained attitude and experience will support positive attitude of pupils towards European ideas of integrity and mutual understanding. On the bases of wider discussion of teachers who visited some partner school with other colleagues, who will find out about newly gained knowledge and skills via presentations and by visiting teachers’ lessons, the teaching curriculum will be changed. These changes will lead to more efficient way how to gain the main goal which is reaching the pupil’s personal best.
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