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J.Pilsudska Daugavpils valsts poļu ģimnāzijas pedagogu metodisko zināšanu un prasmju pilnveide IKT un CLIL jomās.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Qualitative education process can be implemented by the teachers who are being engaged in sustained professional development and personal development processes. Project "J.Pilsudska Daugavpils Polish State Gymnasium teachers’ teaching knowledge and skills development in ICT and CLIL areas" was established according to the School Development Plan for the years 2014-2017. For our further development needs it was agreed that teachers need to continue to improve the teaching quality of foreign languages and exact sciences and use ICT in the teaching process more extensively in order to ensure an individual approach to each student. Modern technologies and Internet resources are widely used in order students would acquire the necessary teaching materials both at the lessons and after them, particularly in acquisition of foreign languages. Some of our students study and work abroad; they learn the required program independently. At present, we feel the need for continuing personal professional development to improve our skills in working with new technologies, as well as to improve foreign language skills and to introduce it into the content of other subjects (CLIL). That is necessary to bring innovations to our learning process and improve the quality of teaching; increase opportunities so our school would offer activities and programs that better meet students' needs. We want to learn about the experiences of other schools in these areas and to share our experiences, as well as build an international networking. Therefore, the project's main objectives are: - to improve teachers’ ICT and CLIL skills; - to expand our understanding of other educational systems; - to improve the learning content of foreign languages and exact sciences Within the framework of the project it is planned to attend 2 types of courses: 1) ICT – “Using Technology in Teaching” (Cardiff, UK), “ICT in Education Course” (Paris, France), “ICT for Teaching: A practical course to incorporate Information Technology into Teaching” (Leeds, UK); 2) CLIL – “CLIL --Practical Methodology for teachers working with CLIL” (Malta, Malta), “The CLIL CLUB: English and Content for Teachers” (Jaen, Spain), “CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning” (Prague, Czech Republic). Our project will result in improved ICT and CLIL teachers' skills; our expanded understanding of education systems of other schools; improved learning outcomes for exact sciences and foreign languages; learning about the innovative and attractive methods for CLIL lessons; improved teachers' and students' digital literacy; introduction of ICT into the curriculum; observing the examples of good practice in the European schools; introductionsof CLIL lessons in our school; diversification and improvement of the learning content; implementation of positive and sustainable changes in our school. Students will get education appropriate to the 21st century opportunities; we will learn more about the culture and values of other European countries; the level of English language proficiency will be raised. After the implementation of our school mobilities there could be the following potential long term benefits: competent teachers who might consider themselves as "digital citizens" rather than "immigrants", i.e. their ICT skills would be at a very high level; new students would come to learn at our school, because of our new, innovative CLIL programs; our school would have reliable partners for implementation of other European projects, thus making the learning more exciting, giving students the opportunities through self-education create new achievements, promote curiosity and discover new skills. The skills and abilities acquired during this project will contribute to the sustainable development of our school.
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