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Izmenjava izkušenj je ključ do uspeha
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the project IZMENJAVA IZKUŠENJ JE KLJUČ DO USPEHA (Exchanging the skills is the key to success) there will be three technical schools from School center Celje cooperating. (Secondary School of Services and Logistics, Secondary School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Protection and Secondary school for chemistry, electrical engineering and computer engineering). They will be cooperating with partner organizations from France and Austria. At the beginning a project team will be established that will have the task of linking, coordinating, observing, maintaining and solving possible deviation from set tasks. There will be three activities going on in the project: a) Mobility of students that will do work experience in Paris, France, b) Mobility of teachers as »Job shadowing« at partner from Austria, c) Mobility of teachers attending the training in Paris, France. The main objectives of the project are: - strengthening of specialist, pedagogic, didactic, management and other competences of the participants, - identification and transfer of innovative education practices/ approaches from the partner school into the school's activities, - improvements in working quality of secondary technical schools at School center Celje, - finished students' work experience, - to enable different, more attractive way of training for students which eventually contributes to larger responsibility, self-confidence and personal growth, - possibility of further education and working abroad, - strengthening the meaning of life-long learning, - getting to know EU labour market, - stimulating the development of business sense, - getting and refreshing the competences in the field of wood profession, - exchanging experiences in the field of construction profession, - getting experiences in programing humanoid robots in general and more precisely the Nao robot, - gathering ideas for projects where robot will be used, - strengthening the European dimension and international cooperation of schools, - learning EU languages by »learning by doing«, - strengthening the European citizenship and intercultural dialog. Strategies and methodologies to achieve these objective will be: preparing the participants for the mobility ( knowing the language, culture and habits of the partner country), using ICT, knowing different school systems, knowing business behaviour, empathy, ability to adjust to a group, positive self-image, organizational knowledge… We will prepare a plan and timeline of events students' work experience and the ways of observing their working plan and progress. The expected project results are: - chosen and registered 24 participants of mobility - prepared and performed 10 students' work experience in duration of 14 days - 10 certificates on completed students' work experience abroad - 22 Europass Mobility documents for the participants, proving their acquired / improved competences, - 24 letters of evaluation by the participants - identification and analysis of innovative education practices at partner organizations - creating 2 knowledge catalogues and exam catalogue for newly-designed modules (Designing and architectural drawing (OIA) and Wooden construction and products (LES)) - pursuance of newly-designed modules in the third year of constructional technician program (Designing and architectural drawing (OIA) and Wooden construction and products (LES)) with the beginning of the education in school year 2016-2017 - new modules in the constructional technician program - using Nao robot for education purposes - using Nao robot for teaching computer programming cross-generational in regular and part-time education - performance of at least 2 or 3 lessons at other school subjects (English, Math…) - made and published articles about project results and activities in the school magazine, on the net, Facebook, ViTv - employment and cooperation in EU labour market - exhibition at school's open day - professional manual Due to the strengthening of different competences of the participants and the transfer of innovative educational practices into the school's activities, the expected long-term objectives are: - the improvement in the quality of work at technical schools in ŠCC - the strengthening of the European dimension - greater recognition and competition of the school on both, local and European level, greater satisfaction of key stakeholders (students, teachers, parents…) The project will be carried between September 2015 and July 2017.

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