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IVOLVE - Industrial Vocational Optimal Learning Valid for Europe

The IVOLVE project aims to develop the necessary skills to increase productivity within the European manufacturing industry by targeting, trainers from industry, vocational training centres/colleges and trainees in the industrial manufacturing sector. With its broad-based 'industrial' remit, the project will test various learning methods on trainees (including full-time students), unemployed persons, apprentices and existing employees (those requiring skills updating and those progressing from unskilled to skilled employment). Learner-centred and work-based learning activities lie at the heart of the project, and reflect the need for more flexible learning based on the particular needs of the individual learner. A range of methods will be employed to facilitate learning; for example: ICT supported techniques, computer-based managed learning, independent student learning, practical skills development, the mentoring consultant role, and industry-based learning. Traditional teaching methods will be combined with innovative learning techniques in an effort to optimise the learning potential of students/employees. An operational manual, with sections for different users, will be produced to give clear guidance and access to reference material concerning vocational training in the industrial/manufacturing sector. The manual will be made available in electronic (CD-Rom & web-based) and paper-based formats. An education and training programme will accompany the manual and will reflect the particular needs of the industry in different partner countries. The project's development of an integrated learning package will be piloted with different target groups in the partner countries with a view to enhancing flexible learning for individual users. Evaluation of the pilot phase will contribute to the compilation of a 'best practice' guide on vocational training in the industrial manufacturing sector.

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