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The goal of the project was to introduce and implement interactive distance education (e-learning) which is in line with the topics typical for the cross-border region, as support to the improvement and strengthening of knowledge-based society. To accomplish this goal the following tasks were performed: innovative teaching materials were developed, experimental educational programs were conducted, and the process of educational programs accreditation was initiated. The result of the tasks were 4 different educational programs which were conceived in accordance with the specific needs of the regions. In the long term, they will contribute to the improvement of the knowledge level of the population in the region along the state border in accordance with the the labor market criteria. Achievements: Website suitable for remote education was designed, development of appropriate teaching materials, educational process testing; teaching programs entitled Business and Marketing, School and City Marketing, and Urban Communities and Protection of their Environment were initiated; 42 students achieved progress in their knowledge, accredited programs were obtained, 40 CDs with teaching tools and materials were produced. The program is also available in Slovenia, and one person used the offered possibility for learning. Thanks to the mediated knowledge, an improvement was seen on the labor markets of the Southern Transdanubia and Pomurje regions, in the employment rate and economic indicators. Sustainable communication that has developed in the region contributed to the strengthening of knowledge-based society.
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  • 69.8%   27 337,21
  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

5 Partners Participants