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Ittaca - The application of information technologies to vocational training in the European sector of culture and the arts

The Ittaca project aims to improve people's skills in the new information and communication technologies (NICTs) and make them a firmer part of cultural and artistic training programmes, as regards both methodology and content, and to disseminate examples of good professional practice in order to improve the dissemination of knowledge and know-how among trainers and students alike. The arrival of the NICTs has created within the cultural and artistic sector in Europe new sectoral requirements in terms of communication, promotion and creation, leading to the emergence of new career profiles and the mobilisation of new skills. The aim of the Ittaca project is therefore to create training tools for trainers in Europe and for students entering the job market in the sectors concerned. For the students, these tools consist of a website which provides then with targeted careers guidance using the NICTs and a platform for the exchange of good practice, while the trainers are provided with the NICT information tools (CD-Rom, Internet) familiarising them with a teaching methodology which is specific to the use of the NICTs within an artistic curriculum. The dissemination of the project's results will take place in three stages: an initial stage which will involve raising awareness of the project among professionals in Europe and public bodies in the sector, a second stage during which the results of the project will be circulated among the same people but on a wider scale, which will include politicians, and a third phase involving the actual promotion of products.

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