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Italien und Österreich – Brücken zum Wachsen
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „Italy and Austria – building bridges” has two groups of participants: first, 20 students of the WIFI Tourism School St. Pölten, second, a practical school teacher of Cooking and Cooking Organization. 1. Students There is one project called “New baking – new learning”, which is already being carried out with the “IPSSAR Angelo Berti” in Verona, so there are connections via e-mail with the students of the partner institution. To intensify the contacts, the participating students will be taking a three-week internship in a gastronomic enterprise in Verona in June 2016 (upper grades) and April 2017 (lower grades). The gastronomic enterprises will be chosen by the partner school and visited by the teachers of the WIFI Tourism School St. Pölten to make sure that they offer high quality trainings for students. Our school partnership is based on the Memorandum of Understanding, a written contract that lists the agreements both institutions have signed. The participants and students of the WIFI Tourism School St. Pölten live in the surroundings of St. Pölten. Their families very often cannot afford to pay for their children’s internship abroad, for this reason, the projects aims at increasing equal opportunities for students. The internship has several goals: first, improving the students’ intercultural understanding and mobility, second, encouraging the participants’ personality development, third, improving their Italian skills and last, but not least, enlarging their practical skills. Of course, the students can list the internship abroad in their curriculum vitae, which will improve their career prospects significantly and open doors in their future life. We also hope for major long-term gains for our school, namely, enhancing the internationality and we are convinced that this project will spark the interest in further projects. In the future, more students will probably take an internship abroad and hopefully, more colleagues will be encouraged to organize additional projects abroad. 2. The practical teacher of cooking The participating cooking teacher started his career working in renowned gastronomic enterprises. Having completed his solid pedagogical education, he has now become a very committed teacher of Cooking and Cooking Organization at the WIFI Tourism School St. Pölten. In addition, he is in charge of supervising internships for students and can be contacted by them in case of difficulties. The participating practical teacher has not yet had the chance to gain work experience in Italy, so he will also take a two-week internship in a gastronomic enterprise in Verona. This will broaden his knowledge of the Italian cuisine, the Italian way of work, ingredients and ways of preparation. His internship abroad will, as mentioned above, broaden his knowledge and improve his skills, this is why he will be better qualified for supervising the students’ internships, especially those abroad. He will also have contacts with the gastronomic enterprise in which he himself has taken his internship, which means it will be easier to send our students to this gastronomic enterprise to take their internship in the following years. Finally, the participating practical teacher will organize in-school workshops to spread the knowledge he has gained and to help improve the quality of education of our students even further.
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