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It's the diversity that counts!
Start date: Aug 1, 2010,

The activities within the youth exchange "It's the diversity that counts!" are focused on exchanging personalconcepts of diversity and intercultural learning, analyzing of the dynamics of conflicts, and discussingpossibilities for the promotion of diversity and intercultural learning as well as the question of necessarycharlcferistics and' abilities- for this- promotion - onHocal- and -European- level- The overall project is aimed- to-encourage the young self-awareness by showing the participants how it is possible to achieve sustainableresults in cooperation with other young people with the aim to overcome racism, xenophobia and exclusion andto promote diversity among youth. The youth exchange will take place in Prijedor, Bosnia-Herzegovina includingyoung people in the age between 18 and 25 years from Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
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