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"It's our planet, we want to stay and live there!" - Taking internationalism to the heart of school improvement.
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project seeks to support the ambitious aspirations of the school to continually improve the quality of education; to motivate the whole school community to value education and become lifelong learners, to promote equality, social cohesion and awareness of human rights and responsibilities as citizens as part of promoting values including British values. We believe in the importance of international dimensions to schooling and choose to work with Erasmus+ to achieve this.The objectives of the project are to develop the skills, knowledge and competencies of staff in all roles to improve teaching and learning and narrow the gap in achievement, well-being and inclusion of vulnerable groups of learners. Also the project will challenge assumptions about culture and identity, bring confidence to the school to promote inclusion and diversity. To achieve our objective, we plan to take part in 6 structured training in Italy, Finland, Spain, Iceland and Sweden.We foresee a range of staff who will be chosen based upon their experience and role in school as well as motivation to innovate and disseminate within our school and outside of our school through our various networks. These are:1 Governor, 2 members of the leadership team, 4 teacher educators and 2 support assistants will undertake training towards the project. However the project will impact on every member of staff and each child and family. The dissemination activities will enable sharing across the local authority and region and our use of the school website and eTwinning will share learning from the project beyond the locality of the school.The benefits of participation will be felt across the whole school. Staff will feel inspired and valued supporting people to develop personally and professionally gaining valuable international experience, broaden their horizons, experience new cultures and discover new ways of working.Staff will develop new skills and knowledge. They will get to know first-hand the workings of another education system in the areas of school leadership, creative classrooms, using digital media and ICT, and special educational needs, they will learn and share new ideas and discover best practices to bring back to school. They will take on responsibilities to take action within school and to disseminate the findings of the project beyond school.We envisage a number of outcomes from the project which will impact on several areas within and outside our school:Increased competencies within participants’ own practice as teachers, educators, leaders and governors.Enhancing leadership knowledge and improving skills in order lead and manage within an international setting.Skills to share good practice and evaluate own practice in order to integrate new approaches.Competencies in professional behaviour to work collaboratively in developing plans for modernisation, innovation and improvement of own practice.Skills and knowledge of how to create engaging interactive content (online and offline).Skills and knowledge of how to deepen the engagement and challenge preconceptions of children, teachers, parents and the educational community. Developed competencies in confidence and motivation to use ICT specific tools in teaching that supports thinking, creativity, imagination and literacy.Improved knowledge of the impact of outdoor learning in engaging children from vulnerable groups including those with special needs, summer born boys, children from low income families and children from migrant families.Enhanced and developed knowledge of the issues relating to early years education and migration and competencies to work with diversity effectively.Developed and enhanced skills to share good practice and evaluate own practice in order to integrate new approaches to develop further the range of ready-to-use resources.The project will include training to develop knowledge and understanding of the education systems and good practices in other countries in order to broaden participants’ understanding of practices and policies. It will increase competencies within participants’ own practice and enhance leadership skills in order to operate within an international setting, providing an opportunity to share good practice and evaluate own practice in order to integrate new approaches. It will provide an opportunity to work collaboratively in developing plans for modernisation and of own practiceBy improving the quality of teaching and learning through an active research and internationalisation plan that supports the development the skills of those involved in providing such education, is paramount in achieving excellence in education and increasing the participation rates and fulfilment into society. Children will benefit through improved attainment, engagement and well-being, families will be engaged and empowered to support and value their child’s education and their own lifelong learning and school will thrive.
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