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Start date: 15 Aug 2016, End date: 14 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BackgroundRathangan BNS is a primary school in Co. Kildare. There is a staff of 12 class teachers and 254 children attending the school. The school is an extreemely vibrant and lively environment which caters for a growing population. The children who attend the school are from diverse cultural backgrounds and have many different educational needs to be met. The school is expanding in size each year and with numbers increasing we are moving into a new school building next year. The school community are very excited about this growth and the staff wish to participate in this project in order to plan and cater effectively for these changes. The new school will include extra classrooms for future expansion and new ICT resources that will evitably enhance the learning of our community as a whole. Objectives of the project:We aim to:-focus on the implementation of ICT and exploration of new and more effective approaches to ICT integration.-support and encourage the use of a wide range of technology throughout the school to facilitate the inclusion of students with SEN.- use ICT as a lesson planning and teaching tool to promote active learning in the classroom. -share resources and ideas through group planning and a shared online school folder.-enhance the school website and use teacher blog spaces on our website more effectively in order to develop school-home links.-use video linking and etwinning to promote cultural diversity throught the school. -create links with international schools in order to instill a sense of European identity throughout the school. -use and teach the children how to use apps, ipads, word programmes and reasearch programmes in order to equip them with life long skills-use ICT as a means of allowing children to publish their work and see that their work is valued by the communityProfile of Participants:There are 9 participants in this project. These include the Principal of the school, 6 mainstream class teachers emcompassing teachers from junior to senior class levels, 1 resource teacher and 1 learning support teacher.As a school, In order to select participants in Erasmus we carefully looked at each planned activity and then at the background and needs of the participants. A number of teachers expressed how they would love to upskill in ICT in order to gain the full benefits from the new technology our school is recieving. Our first step was to focus on the interests of these teachers.• 5th and 6th class teachers raised the issue that many schools are now introducing an international language in the senior end of the school in order to prepare the children for secondary school. They highlighted how ICT is a valuable resource to carry out this ,• 2nd 3rd and 4th class teachers expressed interest in having the children use ICT to develop a greater awareness of cultural traditions associated with various countries.• Infant teachers brought to attention the needs of having more interactive story books and games that provide active learning and greater engagement for the children.• Resource and learning support teachers had great interest in apps suitable for SEN children and the range of aps available for children with speech and language difficulties aswell as aps to assist children with auditory discrimination. Description of activitiesFirstly we will create a questionnaire for participants to ensure that each participants can outline what they wish to achieve from the project. we will hold meetings to plan the itenary for the trip ensuring that the needs of all participants are catered for. We will outline how to monitor our progress throughout the course. We will spend time researching Seville. On arrivval we will liase with the local people in order to gain information about what there is to do do in the local area.We will have another meeting to discuss what activities the participants wish to do outside of the course hours.During the course we will ensure to be actively involved and to communicate with other organisations participating in the course.Methodology to be used in carrying out the project:we will use Talk and discussion, Active learning, A hands on approach to learning and ICT in carrying out this project.Results and impact envisaged:We will hold meetings to make sure our objectives are achieved. We will send out a questionnaire to participants to highlight what they found worked well and didn't work well. We will get feedback from parents on how they are finding the school website as a means of communication between school and home. Through teacher observation we will assess pupils competency in using the aps and ICT methods used to present their class projects.
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