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It is never too late for learning to learn
Start date: 01 Jan 2012,

Learning to learn has recently become the focus of European Union education policy where European Union Countries have agreed that this competence is one of the 8 key competences that are stated to be a necessity for economic success in Europe and greater social inclusion (Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council on key competences for lifelong learning, 2006). According to Fredriksson and Hoskins (2007), with increasingly rapid changes in the work place, in part due to changing technology and as a result of changing societal needs in the context of globalization, citizens must learn to learn in order that they can maintain their full and continued participation in employment and civil society or risk social exclusion. In this context learning to learn is a quintessential tool for lifelong learning and thus education and training needs to provide the learning environment for the development of this competence for all citizens, throughout the whole lifespan and through different learning environments (formal, non-formal and informal).This project wants to develop a set of materials (a Tool Box) that trainers and adult educators can use to improve their activities with adult learners. The guide will contain about 30 exercises (each of them focused on a specific aspect of the learning to learn competence) with instructions for trainers and educators of how to use them with adult learners. The blueprint of a course to train trainers and educators to develop the learning to learn competence will also be produced. Tool Box and blueprint will be collated in the e-book Developing the Learning to Learn Tool Box.Prudent targets are the following: 300 adult learners and 60 trainers and educators will be involved in the pilot, 600 stakeholders and 5000 people will be informed about the project, 120 additional educators will be trained to use the Tool Box.
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