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ISOLAT - Rompre des frontiers
Start date: Feb 2, 2015, End date: May 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “ISOLAT - Rompre des frontiers” intercepts 2 needs that proponents observed working usually in non-formal learning, in contact with young people across Europe: - The need for young people to be recognized, to express themselves beyond the gilded cage of communication of chat, text messages, downloads, among peers to discover and seize a non virtual space, "physical" of active participation in social life, breaking barriers that make them isolated, "invisible" to adults, unknown in their potential; - The need of the Youth Workers within organizations that are the protagonists of education on key dimensions of youth development: socialization, acquisition of transversal competences, wellness and healthy behaviors, participation in democratic life. In an era of increasingly acute crisis of the welfare state, they seek efficient and effective models for action on youth problems and see enhanced their social function, with the recognition of their skills. The objective of ISOLAT is helping to address both needs, offering Youth Workers the opportunity to learn the method of the Forum Theatre (TF), born from the experience of the Theatre of the Oppressed, and heritage professional for over 20 years of the leader. Successfully tested in groups of adults and young people in the world, the TF "breaks the isolation," bringing everyone to be "spect-actors", ie, the protagonists of the scene, experimenting together the construction of shared creative solutions. The project transfers to the YW key skills because they can use the methodology of TF autonomously, innovated here because for the first time will use digital technology to make act together groups of young people from different countries. Giving back to the youth pro-active use of technology, generator choices and actions that enhance their role in practice locally, but with a European vision (and beyond). ISOLATE meets 3 of the strategic objectives of ET 2020: 1 °) confirming the access towards non-formal, informal learning and the recognition of learning outcomes; making learning more attractive - through the development of new forms of learning and by the use of technology for teaching and learning. 2 °) promoting equality, social cohesion and active citizenship. 3 °) by promoting the acquisition of transversal skills: especially digital skills, learning to learn and awareness of cultural themes. Associating larger teaching communities, including representatives of civil society But also assuming the challenges of the potential of the human capital of young people in their active participation in society, combating discrimination of any form, especially those concerning disadvantaged youth.(Resolution 27/11/09 on youth) The project focuses on the bottom-up methodology of ricerc-action, enhancing the most of the skills and practical experience of YW, engaged in the learning process but also to experiment with new Theatres Forum 4, one for each educational partner, supported by an original ICT platform. Tangible results will be: a new model digital TF, available to all educational organizations, combined with specific Training Modules in e-learning and Operational Guidelines for its use. These integrates with a specific research, the definition of a Skills Framework of YW for the use of TF. In 15 months will be directly involved over 200 young people and 60 YW in 4 countries, and remote at least 500 from all over Europe, including YW, young people and students in communication and pedagogy courses to integrate and test the trial and its products. The output will be available in 5 languages, online for free on the synergistic platform and open to any stakeholder, for the dissemination and use of the products to the widest possible audience for another 2 years after project closure. In the long term the project will thus promote: - The operability of the YW involved, optimizing and enhancing their skills in various operational roles and reducing errors, risks and waste; - The launch of new projects, supported by the knowledge of the skills acquired on the TF, improving the professionalism of the operators, even young people involved; - The recognition and application of an innovative methodology standard in educational organizations of European countries, integrating the professional culture and non-formal education systems; - The establishment of a new network of TF, "forerunner" of the new digital and interactive methodology, which may be by reference tutorial for transferring to other organizations and groups interested in the new trial.
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