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Islamophobia-Challenge & Action for European Youth
Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

Seeing every day the need for a dialogue, respect and understanding that today’s Europe faces, defined space for training course that will collect 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! young people from different parts of Europe which will explore religion, identity and culture and start an inter-religious dialogue which will fight Islamophobia. Therefore this training course with gather youth workers, leaders and activists with different religious background to give them knowledge, skills and tools, but also information on how to promote inter-religious dialogue and initiate cooperation for overcoming Islamophobia in their local and national contexts. Noticing the negative changes as Islam becomes more present in Europe and its portrait in the European societies, democracy, diversity and tolerance get another meaning. The constant fear and “threat” which local people feel, only shows that the need for change and work is more than needed. We need to know that the richness of diversity brings strength only if there is knowledge, recognition and development of cultures and if we aim to achieve that, we need to break the barriers and approach the others. So this training course will equip its multipliers and empower them to influence our society’s attitudes towards the Muslims and show equality, democracy and inclusion as Europe really stands for.
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