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İş Sektörüne Yönelik Elektrik-Elektronik, Motorlu Araçlar Ve Bilişim Teknolojisi Alan Öğrencilerinin Avrupa’da Mesleki Eğitimi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our country, Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) 17% of the population of 74 million, according to 2010 data (about 12 million people) aged 15-24 years, while 26% (about 19 million) consists of individuals aged 0-14 years. Compared to developed countries with a young population of our country, which has a significant advantage, the European Union the importance of freedom of movement and employment of technical staff training qualified manpower is exacerbated in countries; However, vocational and technical education are inadequate physical infrastructure and lack of technical equipment to meet growing demand. In this case the needs of the business sector result in a lack of suitably qualified personnel trained. At this point, the industry is targeting the technical elements required to solve the problem of the growth and employment profile. Therefore, positive translation of the educational process in schools, renovating and educational materials to increase the physical capacity requirements have emerged. This requirement on our school Kastamonu - Stone Bridge - Mustafa Sıtkı Men Vocational and Technical High School with partner schools in Eskisehir-sharp Hisar Vocational and Technical High School and Van- Çaldıran Vocational and Technical High School, Search qualified manpower needed by the business world and that vocational schools which strive to ensure employability of students. However, our school and the lack of technical equipment in schools participants, could not keep up with the technology used machinery and equipment, and most importantly, to the company due to lack of students eligible to do an internship opportunity not grow as the business world is looking for qualified technical personnel. Therefore, our school and participating schools the Institute of electrical and electronics technology, Motor Vehicles and Technology students studying in the field of computer technology, to increase the possibilities of finding themselves in professional development and business, they want to catch another chance. This is the chance on behalf of our participants in Europe and equipped with modern business practice and after weight training process in the schools of the business sector is looking for an experienced and professional staffs are equipped to graduate as planned. In addition, our students get vocational training together, socialize and improve their foreign language are also among our other goals. For this purpose, our school and participating schools selected from a grade of 11 and 12. 1) Kastamonu - Stone Bridge - Mustafa Sıtkı Men Vocational and Technical High School; 7 participants from Electrical and electronic technology and 7 participants from motor vehicle Technology. 2) Eskişehir-sharp Hisar Vocational and Technical High School; 7 participants from the fields of Computer Technology and 7 participants from the Motor Vehicle Technology field. 3) Van-Çaldıran Vocational and Technical High School; 7 participant from electrical and electronic technology and 7 participants from Computer technology field, a total of 42 students from the 4 schools 2-week internship training will be taken in the European schools and workplaces. Methodology to be used when executing our projects: 1) project management method: The project team will be established to coordinate activities planned to achieve the set targets and to ensure the sustainability of evaluating the results, 2) Training method: All the training activities planned throughout the project to achieve the intended purpose, it considers the methods of evaluation, observation and application will be provided. 3) Promotion method: European Union ministry, national agencies and make presentations on our educational institutions, our school of the data obtained from the project and participants spread over a large area will be provided through schools. Expected from the project objectives and benefits: -Students have been Innovative and modernized tool-participatory services, computers and electricity companies, as well as vocational schools providing the new equipped with knowledge and skill specialisation. -- Our student will gain work habits as a team. -- The development of vocational and general foreign language proficiency. -- Participants to ensure the formation of self-reliance support, orientation and the profession. --Improving the quality of education and the capacity of our schools. Results are expected from the project. -- The opportunity to work with people of different cultures to find the innovative and that haven't been socialized, formation of individuals. -- Contribution to the awareness of being European, --The transfer of new knowledge and practice in our country with the internship program, --Improving the quality of education and services to participating institutions, -- Participants in the industry It is intended that the provision of employment. There will be long-term benefits.
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