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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim and goal of this project is for students from vocational programmes to acquire experience in working abroad. The labour market is becoming more and more mobile and within many professions there are great opportunities for people to become employed in another European country. Students at vocational programmes have a mandatory work placement period in their course of education and by placing a part of this work placement abroad, we are creating better conditions for students to in the future venture out to another country for employment. Gislaves Gymnasium is a big school in a region where the enterprising spirit and small industries are a big part of its economy. The school has students in most of the national programmes where a majority attend the programmes that prepare for university studies. However, we also have quite a substantial number of students attending our vocational programmes. These students, should after finishing their education, be employable on the labour market. Most professions have some form of international contacts where it is an advantage to have knowledge of how the labour market works abroad. Gislaveds Gymnasium and MHAI will co-operate to make it possible for 25 students yearly to do their two week’s work placement (Internship) in Galway, Ireland. It will be students from several different vocational programmes who will receive this opportunity. The students who will be chosen to go will prepare by writing CVS and personal letters of motivation in English. These will then be used by our host partner when contacting Irish employers. Through their work practice the students will learn their profession in a different place than Sweden. We believe that this will benefit both students and employers. By seeing what the other person is doing, we learn something about ourselves. The students will also develop their English. By this we mean both when it comes to every day conversation skills, but also to express themselves using words and expressions from their future work field. Gislaveds gymnasium also expects development results within its own organization since teachers who accompany the students on this programme gain experience in how professions work in other countries. In the long run we believe that each individual brings its own experience out into the Swedish work life. They will be able to compare their experience of the Swedish labour market with that of Ireland’s. This will hopefully help them get over the barrier that will make it easier for them to visit new, foreign places. However, the most important long-term development for us is that we discover that we are all similar no matter in which country we may live. With increasing nationalistic tendencies and growing xhenofobia in all of Europe, it is important to, with good examples, show how we can co-operate over national boundaries.
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