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IRIS - Fostering Academic International Relations in Israeli Colleges to promote education, research and innovation
Start date: 15 Oct 2012,

IRIS’s wider objective is to promote internationalization policies, practices, capacities and culture within Israeli public academic colleges, and thereby to improve the quality and innovation of teaching, learning and research in colleges and reduce the gap between the two tiers of Israel’s higher education system.The specific objectives are: (i) Development of a strategic plan for internationalization of colleges; (ii) Encouraging the engagement of faculty, administrators and students in the internationalization agenda; (iii) Development and delivery of training for international relations professionals in colleges; (iv) Establishment of International Relations Offices (IRO) in colleges; (v) Development of pilot activities by IRO teams; (vi) Establishment of a network of Israeli IROs. Outputs: requirements analysis; a survey of societal interests and benchmarking study (WP1); 2 strategy workshops and strategic plan (WP2); 2 workshops (and toolkits) for faculty on curriculum internationalization and workshops for administrators and for students (WP3); 5 training workshops and a toolkit for IRO teams (WP4); 3 IRO pilot activities per college (WP5); Quality work plan, tools and reports (WP6); dissemination plan and tools, seminars in colleges, national and international conferences (WP7); sustainability plan, faculty mentoring program, advocacy campaign, internationalization network and task force (WP8). Outcomes: internationalization capacity building for IRO staff, faculty and administrators in colleges; cultivating international orientations and attitudes and encouraging international involvement among colleges' faculty, administrators and students; increasing the colleges' access to the global academic environment; improving the quality and innovation of teaching, learning and research in colleges; strengthening the institutional prestige, attractiveness and competitiveness of colleges and reducing the gap between colleges and universities in Israel.
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