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ion and promotion of natural and cultural heritage in the cross-border region of the Municipality of Strumica and Municipality of Kilkis (HERITAGE PROTECT)

Strumica Fortress, also known as the Czar's Towers, is a ruined fortress in the eastern part of the country. The fortress was built in the 5th century, although the site itself dates from the 1st century BC. Reconstruction of the fortress began in March, 2014 in the framework of HERITAGE PROTECT project. Moreover, souvenirs will be produced and an info kiosk will be placed in the city of Strumica.On the Greek side, the project foresees restoration and reconstruction works in the cultural monument Church of Saint George in Kilkis and enhancement works in the cultural path on the hill of St. George, from the Cave until the Municipal Theatre/Summer Cinema, as well as placement of an info kiosk at its starting point opposite of the Theatre.The project is complemented with other actions like marketing strategy studies for the promotion of archaeological sites in the cross-border region, workshops to improve existing practices for management and protection of natural and cultural heritage and training of tourist guides.Information and publicity actions include a website, entries in local and national press, open public events and promotional material, internet ads and radio announcements.

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