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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project of vocational training at the Spanish employers is destined for 60 participants Woluntary Labour Force, herein after called (OHP) from the area of province Warmia and Mazury, who obtain their degrees in the following occupations: chef, confectioner, and hairdresser at the 16 – 18 years of age. Young people from Voluntary Labor Force in Elbląg, Training and Education Center in Mrągowo and Labor Force in Giżycko and Ostróda attend Initial Vocational Training School. The project is going to be carried out by W-M WK OHP in partnership with euroMIND and culinary school Gambrinus and Social Cultural Work Foundation Sopeña OSCUS, which manages education center in Sewill. The main purpose of the project is to obtain additional vocational competency by the participants through international mobility, moreover practical application of theoretical knowledge, which was acquired during education within the scope of their vocational filds in the context of its application in the labor market, to know new trends appeared within their fields. Another purpose of this project is to extent the competency of social participants, improvement of inter-cultural awareness and ability to communicate in Spanish language. The target group of the project is the young people of (OHP), who come from socially marginalized environment, which cause educational problems, have difficulty with their school responsibilities. The participants of the OHP come from families with financial difficulties, unemployment and social pathology. The young people who grow in such environment have problems with social adaptation, completion of education and finding a job. One of the problems concerning employment is lack of skills to pursue profession in accordance with employers’ expectations. Therefore, one of the objective of the project is to do vocational internship abroad in the companies operating in the fields of the young people’s education, cooperating with euroMind organization, which may increase young people ability to adopt and be flexible regarding requirements that arise from the specifics of individual company. Having successfully undergone personal training, cultural workshops, Spanish language course at the A1 level, support of vocational consultancy OHP, as a part of preparation before an internship and going for internship, it shall increase not only vocational and language competency but also make possible changes in young people behavior, mentality and increase self-esteem and encourage to take responsibility for their situation and future professional career. The internship program, which is based on the system element ECVET refers to the need of organization of education process taking into account skills which – ones that are in demand. The anticipated effects of the young people education by the partners of the project Memorandum of Understanding shall undergo validation by the teachers of the vocational subjects from partner organizations Gambrinus (chefs and confectioners) and the Education Center of the Social Labor and Cultural Fundation Sopeña OSCUS (hairdressers), in accordance with the principles of the system evaluation ECVET during stay in Spain the young people will take part in the course of the Spanish vocational language and cultural activities. Thanks to the Europass Mobility and Europass CV and the Spanish language certificate, the participants will be much more mobile at the European labor market and having soft and hard competences in the context of lack of employment in the area of living, they are able to take up job in another region, district or even country. The young people also gain different outlook, as a result of preparation activities and internship abroad, by showing believe in themselves and possible change of their live situation. . They will become an example in marginalized rural, unemployed and pathological environment, showing possible change of their situation. The local entrepreneurs in branches where the participants of the project do their education will gain qualified labor force that may get familiar with modern technologies or work organization systems. With success they will be used in local plants, which improves their competition on the labor market. Half a year after completion of the project will be conducted quality control in order to measure social impact within local level.

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