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Involvement to Quality
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Involvement to Quality is a multicultural project, witch includes a study visit, a PBA, a training course and a EVS stage, being a partnership between promoters from seven countries, their goal being development of a management system of the Erasmus + projects, inside of a network, in order to satisfy the organizational needs through sharing and exchange of good practices. The six promoters, besides ATCE-SR, from Romania are from: FRYO of Macedonia, Malta, UK, Georgia, Italy and Turkey. The first activity, the study visit, involves a total number of 14 youth workers having over 18 years and will take place over five days of activities in Ramnicu Sarat, Romania, from 11th -17th of September 2015. The project will continue with a PBA, also implemented in Ramnicu Sarat, from 2nd to 8th of November 2015, taking part in it the same number of 14 participants over 18 years. In order to ensure results and the continuation of collaborations planned in detail in the previous activities, we will implement and a training course that will represent the culmination of learning, from 19th to 29th of March 2016 in Turin, Italy. This training will gather 21 youth workers aged over 18 years from partner organizations. For the applicability of these three activities, we will end with an EVS which will take place over three months, from June 1st to September 1st, 2016, in Ramnicu Sarat. Each partner will send an EVS volunteer, having between 18-30 years, which will be integrated into the community, particularly in project management activities of local educational institutions. Our project goal is to develop a quality management Erasmus + youth projects within a network of partners, meeting the needs of organizations by sharing best practices and achieve the Europe 2020 requirements. To achieve our purpose we will consider the following objectives: 1. Increasing the level of information on project quality management policies within partner organizations, in order to establish a set of best practices in the implementation of Erasmus +, projects with the help of the target group no 1, present at the study visit in Ramnicu Sarat. 2. Development of a network of seven European partners prepared to implement a common system of quality management, using the target group no 2, during PBA activity from Ramnicu Sarat. 3. Development of personal and professional competences of the 21 youth workers present at the training course held in Turin, by accumulating of new non-formal education methods and tools in IQ partnership, tools and methods designed to lead to the realization of a quality management of the Erasmus +. 4. Development of the practical abilities for designing, implementing and evaluation of the projects undertaken in the Erasmus +context, through involving of 6 EVS volunteers from Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Turkey, Georgia and UK over a 3 month stage implemented at Ramnicu Sarat, in partnership with schools and high schools, in an innovative quality system. 5. Improvement of the projects’ management capacity of the promoters by involvement of 55 participants in the proposed activities by applying non-formal methods and tools and new working procedures in order to increase the quality of the Erasmus + projects. 6. Facilitate a framework for intercultural communication amongst of the 55 participants witch will implement IQ project’s activities, in order to increase the level of solidarity, tolerance, mutual understanding and cohesion in the partner network. 7. Increasing the visibility of non-formal education in online and offline environment, for over 4,000 young people from partners’ communities and European space, through specific activities for the promotion, dissemination and transferability of results between youth workers and young people, made by the 55 participants and promoter organization during the implementation of IQ project. Activities and methods used in the study visit, PBA and training course will be made both in formal and non-formal manner, aiming at the same goals and achieve them step by step. So, the three activities are interconnected, from the stage of observation, continuing with the creativity and documentation, and culminating with the stage of productivity and organizational balance. Examples of methods used in our three activities: ice-breakers, workshops, interactive presentations, seminars, role play, forum theater, shadowing theater, brainstorming, public speaking, open circle, world café, research, round table. Regarding EVS, it is outcome of the entire process of establishing the partnership network, activity in which volunteers will develop managerial skills making and coordinating projects with schools and high schools from Ramnicu Sarat.

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