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Investment in the health and the prosperity of the children in the Bulgarian – Greek region (IHPCBGR)
Start date: Mar 13, 2011, End date: Jun 12, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Investment in the health and the prosperity of the children in the Bulgarian – Greek region is a joint project of Municipalities of Belitsa (Bulgaria) and Region of East Macedonia and Thrace REMTH (Greece). The common objective of the current project is to create conditions for improvement of the prosperity and health of the youths at the territory of the municipalities. For that purpose the specific objectives are laid outas follows:- Strengthen of the cross-border cooperation in Blagoevgrad District and the REMTHfor prevention of the obesity among the youths in the Bulgarian-Greek border region;- Ensure a proper and appropriate sport infrastructure in the region as prerequisite for the practicing of sport and its recognition as an element of the healthy way of life among the youths in the cross-border area;- Raise the awareness of the population from REMTH and Blagoevgrad District on the risk that obesity raises for the health of children and youths Expected Results: Established cross-border partnership and long term cooperation in terms of healthy way of life promotion in the cross-border region; The project implementation will result in the ensuring of access to sport facilities for 3500 youths from the Belitsa, Yakoruda and Garmen (there is no sport hall in the other two municipalities). The project will raise the awareness of minimum 10 000 parents and 10 000 children and youths from Drama and Blagoevgrad area on prevention of obesity and promotion of healthy way of living and sports. The project will raise the capacity of minimum 50 local authorities' representatives in the two regions to implement policies in the field of youth health at local level. The project will ensure the participation of 100 youths in international sport contest and will promote sports as a prerequisite for physical education and strengthened health.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Greece - Bulgaria (EL-BG)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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