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Investigation of proton-rich nuclei using novel techniques (MARAgas)
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Proton rich nuclei with N≈Z and masses close to A=100 are excellent for the investication of neutron-proton interactions and neutron-proton pairing and may provide insight to some of the most interesting and exciting topics in nuclear physics. Heavy N≈Z nuclei are also of astrophysical interest mainly in the study of the rapid proton capture (rp) process. From the viewpoint of fundamental physics precision measurements of super-allowed 0+ to 0+ β-decays in the N≈Z nuclei can test the standard model of the weak interaction.This project concentrates on the study of nuclei close to the N=Z line in the region of 100Sn. These studies will provide information on nuclear structure, test nuclear mass models, study exotic modes of decay and collect information about the astrophysical rp-process. The proposed Fellow will take a leading role in the development of experimental tools that will be used to study N≈Z nuclei and will consequently use these apparatuses in selected physics cases.The research objectives of the proposed project will be divided into two main parts:1) Study of nuclei in the vicinity of doubly magic 100Sn employing the MARA vacuum-mode recoil separator, and2) Design, manufacture and commissioning of a gas cell to be incorporated at the focal plane of MARA.The proposed project will be carried out in JYFL and will offer the Fellow the opportunity to broaden his physics knowledge and expertise and enhance his project and people management skills. He will be in charge of the project through all its stages and will be a leading member of a European collaboration concentrating on studies employing gas cells at the focal plane of recoil separators.At the completion of this project the proposed Fellow will be a prime candidate for long-term positions both in academia and in industry. This project will help the European research community to stay in the forefront of research and experimental technology and techniques.
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