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Inventorium: Preincubation of Digital Innovation (Inventorium)
Start date: Jun 30, 2009, End date: Dec 30, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Inventorium is designed to bring together people who would not normally meet – people who each have a part but not the whole of an innovation. The key goal is to support new cultures of innovation by helping to develop and share novel ideas and solutions. By bringing together stakeholders from relevant sectors, Inventorium will create novel mechanisms and channels for technology transfer, complementing ongoing activity and enhancing and contributing to sustainable business and entrepreneurial activities across Northwest Wales and Southeast Ireland, which will be delivered through a series of interlinked processes including: • Developing a multiplatform three-year programme of on/offline activities (website, seminars, workshops, festivals), which challenge existing concepts and approaches to innovation;• Developing and testing systematic methodologies for early stage knowledge interchange as part of the knowledge transfer process;• Supporting the early stage conceptualisation of products and services based on innovative technologies which in turn further builds capacity for research in those domains;• Providing channels of communication between potential and existing actors: SMEs, MNCs Corporate bodies, Public bodies, academic and research institutions and interested individuals in the generation of solutions;• Providing mechanisms and supports for subsequent translational research and early stage business incubation;• Creating open, online and publicly accessible resources, which are focused on sharing innovative ideas, practice and real-world economic solutions within the digital space;• Seeking opportunities to promote and contribute to the core activities of C.A.S.T, Wales and the NDRC, Ireland;• Creating sustainable approaches, which will allow for further digital and innovative growth across emerging sectors and markets in northwest, Wales and South East, Ireland. Achievements: A central part of our work for innovation, jobs and growth is creating an indigenous economy of high growth start-ups. We have supported the creation of more than 30 jobs (plus more to follow) more than 30 businesses and more than 20 new products and services in the last two years. Investment into early stage start-ups emerging from the Inventorium project doubled to 290K in Wales and £288K in Ireland and £290k in Wales. We have engaged with 3700 individuals and 358 start-up opportunities were evaluated and advised and close to 200 innovators participated in the Swequity Exchange. Many entrepreneurs commenced viable and feasible new businesses, many more failed but those would be entrepreneurs are returning to us to validate theirnext business opportunity. The Inventorium project encouraged and supported innovation within digital technology start-ups targeting sectors including Big Data, Cleantech, Energy, Environment, Tourism, Leisure, Education, Health and Consumer services.We are creating companies worthy of commercial investment and recognised as the go to partner for stimulating open innovation. Our results are clear evidence of our contribution to the competitiveness of the Irish and UK economy and our ability to create and sustain jobs.- See more at:

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  • 2007 - 2013 Ireland - Wales (UK-IE)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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