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Introduction of new Master program and Doctoral courses in Mechatronics in Uzbekistan
Start date: Dec 1, 2013,

The main objective of the project is to produce a new generation of engineers capable of performing constructive engineering works in the Mechatronics field meeting today’s and tomorrow's technology challenges. Specific objectives are:1. Develop 8 new master degree courses including 2 general methodological courses and 3 PhD courses at BTI, FPI, NMI, TARI, TPU in Mechatronics and control engineering.2. Introduce new teaching methodologies aiming at elaborating more interaction between teachers and students.3. Establish the Mechatronics labs at BTI, FPI, NMI, TARI, TPU.4. Build strong academic capacity in Mechatronics at 5 Uzbek universities. 5. Establish long term links between 5 Uzbek universities and corresponding industries in Uzbekistan. 6. Attract PhD students to join the Mechatronics group to work as teaching assistants for the courses. The following main outcomes and outputs of the project will be achieved by the consortium members by the end of the project:1. 8 Master (MSc) and 3 PhD fully prepared courses in Mechatronics with all necessary teaching materials are produced in the field of Mechatronics with 2 additional MSc courses in general methodology; A new MSc program fully compatible with 120 ECTS is recognized by academic councils of 5 Uzbek universities and subsequently accredited by the Ministry of higher education. 2. Advanced Mechatronics laboratory is established at 5 Uzbek universities.3. 40 Uzbek lecturers and assistant lecturers are trained in Mechatronics courses. 4. 30 students from 5 Uzbek universities are selected for a new MSc program in Mechatronics and a new program launched at 5 Uzbek partner universities on the 3rd year of the project. 15 PhD students are trained in three advanced Mechatronics courses. 5. 3 EU and 6 Uzbek students will participate in student exchange of the MSc program at the Uzbek and EU partner universities. 6. Close links between partner universities and corresponding industries are established.
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