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Introducing Non-Formal Education
Start date: Mar 3, 2015, End date: Mar 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

To date, the previous Youth in Action programme has succeeded quite nicely to inform youths that such a thing as non-formal learning exists alongside formal and informal education. The latter two forms of education are both inevitable and compulsory. Although the YIA programme has also succeeded in promoting the benefits that a person may reap out of going that extra mile and practicing their non-formal education skills, it may be said that non-formal education has still not received the correct level of attention or credit that it deserves. 'Introduction of Non Formal Education' is an exchange project with two activities aiming to question whether or not non-formal learning / education should officially be included and recognized by the European educational system. The idea that non-formal education should receive more recognition has been around for a few years however, it has yet to be addressed in a head-on manner. It is generally agreed that the educational system as it currently is could do with some revamping. The project contains various non-formal learning activities aimed to lift awareness on this fact. This project ran for 1 year and has involved 40-60 persons from two countries, Malta and Italy (Bari and Cagliari). The project consisted of 4 partners, TDM 2000 Malta, KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji), TDM 2000 Italy and MODAVI. The project took place in 4 phases: an APV, a first exchange in Cagliari, another exchange in Malta and presentation of dissemination to stake holders and the final report stage. The project was carried out making use of non-formal learning methods in this case with a double-scope, namely to reinforce the importance of NFE amongst youth and to discuss the possibility of including it in the formal education curriculum. Including non-formal education in the formal education system may present benefits.
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