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Introducing EU opportunities 2
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background Borders in Europe are fading, therefore, the importance of the European citizenship is increasing. In order to improve the feeling of ‘being a European’ an experience in a different country is a must. Not just a holiday, but a work placement, so that people can experience what the labor market has to offer in the rest of Europe. In the new Erasmus+ program it is possible for Vocational Education (VET) students to do a work placement a year after they have graduated. This is an golden opportunity to help those graduates gain work experience, as the current project –Introducing EU Opportunities- has shown. In order to improve the current project teachers will be included in this project as they are a primary source of knowledge for students and offer a perfect position to inform and encourage students about internationalization, The Project The idea of the project is to improve the current project –Introducing EU Opportunities- and to introduce recently graduated VET-students and their teachers to the European labor market. The goals of this project are; Firstly, to improve the participants labor market perspective and career possibilities. Secondly, to increase entrepreneurship and initiative. Thirdly, to boost the participants self-confidence, self-awareness and independence. Finally, to raise their intercultural awareness and create a more positive outlook on Europe and European values and projects. There are three outcomes behind this initiative: Firstly, mobilize graduated VET-students in Europe and make them go where there is enough work in their field. There is a good chance they stay with the company that has a job offer.Secondly, introducing graduated VET-students to different work techniques and give them valuable work experience they can take back home in order to gain a better position in the local labor market. Thirdly, creating a modern viewed teacher when it comes to internationalization. This means that teachers will be open minded when it comes to the opportunities the European labour market offers to their students. The aim is that this positive outlook will reflect on the students and encourage them to take the step towards an international mobility. DetailsThe participants in this project will be recently graduated VET-students (max. 1 year), because they will not be aided by the schools and will most likely be a left over group. The beauty of this group is that they have no obligations back home (i.e. they do not have to make a school exam or worry about school guidelines) because they have finished their education. Making them the perfect group to explore the rest of Europe and experience firsthand the chances the continent has to offer. The work placement does not have to be a long one, it will last for two weeks. With a preference for two weeks if the participant does not speak the language of the destination country properly. This period is long enough for the participant to get a taste of Europe and decide whether they want to stay in the country they did their work placement or go back home and share their experience on the local labor market. In addition, the period is long enough for employers to see if the participant has what it takes to be taken on full time. This means that the work placement can have two outcomes. The first being that the student will stay for a longer period of time, because they have gained employment at the company they did their internship (job shadowing) for. And the second being that the participant will return home with increased knowledge, experience, self-confidence, self-awareness, independence and an appreciation of Europe and European values and projects. By undertaking such an experience the participant are already improving their entrepreneurship and initiative taking. Therefore, this project will have a positive impact on its participants and the people involved whatever the outcome may be.
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