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Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Jan 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Summary of the Project INTOLERANCE We shall organize a stay in campsite(camping), then in holiday cottage(shelter) from 9 till 22 July with a group of 54 young Poles, Romanians and Frenchman(French people). The young people who will have upstream to the prepared stay various tasks, will meet in France: ? To work on the finalization of an awareness campaign in the fight against racism (creation of a video clip and a poster) which will begin in France, Romania and Poland from October 2015. ? To prepare a forum against the racism associating concert, exhibition(exposure) of posters and planned projection of videos at the end of stay This highlight of the stay will be opened to the population, to the young people, to the children, to the elected representatives and the local persons in charge of the territory Before the stay, the young people will prepare: - An exhibition(exposure) on the racism (preliminary work to make sensitive in this theme) - A video to get acquainted and make sensitive them in Europe - A model of poster worked and reflected with a designer - Slogans anti racist The group of French young people will have also worked with a director and will choose a movie which will be thrown(planned) during the stay. It will also be for them the opportunity(occasion) to discover the jobs(businesses) by the cinema During the stay, the young people in 3 different studios(workshops) will prepare: - A video to make sensitive the other young people, the inhabitants in the fight against racism. They can through this first workshop(studio) imagine a scenario, work together on a real visual audio project framed(supervised) by a professional (writing of the scenario, the shooting, the discovery A concert which will be one of elements of the highlight scheduled(programmed) to Saint Suzanne at the end of stay. The young people will owe selected players of the songs of the European directory or not, the words of which approach clearly the problem of the racism and the xenophobia. - A poster racist anti in 3 languages(tongues) which will come to be added to the video within the framework of the realization of our campaign(countryside) racist anti spread(broadcasted) from September, 2015 on the various territories In parallel, we shall work on - The European dimension of the project (Game(Set,Play) at the house of Europe of Laval and Le Mans, treasure hunt European, rally photo) - The implication activates young people (in the realization of studios(workshops), in our daily exchanges, in the balance sheets(assessments) and time(weather) of evaluation, the learnings(apprenticeships)) - The intercultural dimension(size)( Linguistic games(sets), international casino, games(sets) of cooperation) - The visibility of the project (work with the elected representatives, persons receiving benefits choice(providers' choice) such as atmosphere 53, distribution(broadcasting) of the video tools in cinemas)
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