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Into the woods
Start date: Sep 9, 2016, End date: Apr 8, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Pretty often in these days young people cannot imagine their life without newest technologies, computers or internet. But.. What if someone would leave us outside civilized and urbanized world and put into wild nature? Probably it would be a huge challenge and fight for surviving. Despite the fact, that many people forgets the benefits of wild nature, the others may wish to run away from urbanized cities into the woods, feel the harmony of the mother nature, while leaving all troubles and worries behind however, they may not have the basic skills for that. With this project we want to show our natural environment as basic need of everyday life and change youngsters attitude to it.Youth Exchange Project „Into the Woods“ will gather together 37 young people from different parts of Europe, aged between 17 and 26 years. Youngsters will come from Ireland, Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands, Portugal and Lithuania. Each country will have a group of 5 participants plus 1 leader. Lithuanian group will be consisted of 5 young people and 2 group leader. “Into the woods” is a youth exchange project, which will address topics of health and well-being, healthy lifestyle, surviving in the nature, creativity and culture.All activities will be in a strong connection with a nature and basic preparations how to survive in it. Despite the fact, that majority of the activities will be focused on overcoming different challenges, difficulties in the nature with the help of other participants. In the same time participating people will get to know their strengths, weeknesses, their personal reaction to extreme situations, develop their leading, communication in foreign language skills, gain new knowledge about surviving in the nature. Furthermore, during all activities people will work in outdoor and non-formal education methodologies, which helps them to break the stereotypes, find new friends, gain valuable information about different countries and their cultures and will create a safe environment for young people to develop. We think that only while being outdoors and in challenging activities people can see himself/herself from a different angle and learn about cultural differences. All these activities will be held in the training center „Daugirdiškės“, Lithuania, from 17th to 25th of November, 2016. Goals of this project are to:- get young people to pay attention to importance of the nature in today’s computerized world, to make active free-time in nature attractive to them, also to grant knowledge and skills of survival in the nature; - widen participant’s cultural cognition when doing team tasks in nature, develop personal competences of young people which would help them to orientate in various situations more efficiently, increasing their chances to be seen in the work market faster.Reachable outcomes: - to provide all 8 lifelong learning competences for young people linking it with the competences of the “Youthpass” certificate, seeking acquired competences recognition;- to provide young people with ideas and opportunities of how they could actively and creatively spend time in nature with their friends; - to develop tolerance, critical thinking and analytical skills; - help young people to find their strengths and weaknesses; - to get participants to understand the value, benefits and importance of the nature; - to develop tolerant and wholesome youth; - to get acquainted with other cultures, get to understand the similarities and differences between them; - to create friendly and safe environment where every particant could improve and realize himself.We will use Youthpass and online learning badges tool ( as a key activity to reflect on learning process and to construct further learning path for participants.
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