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INTIMO integration through movies...
Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

The Youth Exchange INTIMO was designed for multicultural learning through team-work. During the 10 days of the exchange, participants would have few practical lessons of creating and coining a short movie script, planning the scenes on paper, filming the designed scenes and the final editing of filmed material. However, that would only be the technical part of the youth exchange. The project team would encourage participants to come up with the ideas for filming – the theme of a movie is more valuable that the expensive equipment- as the rules of the film stands for. The themes we would like to convey to the participants would deal with the life of socially excluded groups in our country, Roma people, disabled people, minority groups and marginalized groups in mainstream society. The project aim is: By designing and filming short films about this theme, participants would not only raise their awareness of the existence of these people and their every day lives but raise the awareness of government officials and EU official of the existence and lives of these groups living in our societies and the need for respecting and giving them their human rights. The short movies would be posted on each partner organization web-page, YouTube and personal blogs, FB groups, and would also be sent to European officials for letting them know how young people see this problem and encourage them to seek a solution that would not be only found on paper. The project would take place in Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 05 - 15 April 2013 with 50 participants from:Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain,Albania and Bulgaria
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