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Interregional Maritime Cluster – Development and Improvement with K.E.R.N.-Region/Germany, Brest/France and Gdansk/Poland (InterMareC)
Start date: Jun 30, 2004, End date: Dec 30, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The overall objective of InterMareC is the initiation, development and establishment of an interregional maritime cluster. This should open up the tremendous prospects of growth in the maritime sector and set significant impulses for the regional economy and job market. For the bottom-up development of the cluster, InterMareC concentrates on three priority themes: Offshore and Oceanographic Technologies, Coastal Services and Activities, and Ship- and Boat-Building / Supply and Services. Achievements: Until the end of 2007 for 42 month part-financed by the European Union, InterMareC as a cooperation project between the three coastal regions Schleswig-Holstein/ Germany, Brittany/ France and Pomorskie/ Poland supports the initiation, development and establishment of an interregional maritime cluster. Using the strategy of an operational cluster facilitation associated with the provision of grants for sub-projects, InterMareC has started to create significant impulses for the maritime economy and job markets in the three respective regions. The development of innovative cooperations between maritime companies, scientists and public authorities (Triple-Helix-Principle) has been identified as tool to utilise potential for the market. Thereby, InterMareC concentrates on three thematic fields: (1) Offshore and Oceanographic Technologies, (2) Coastal Services and Activities, (3) Ship- and Boat-Building, Supply and Services. InterMareC has been implemented since Jul 2004. The availabel budget for sub-project grants has been committed since the end of June 2006 by the approval of 20 sub-projects by the official Steering Committee of InterMareC. Due to administration, the operational work of the last approved 5 sub-projects (out of the 20) has started in the second half of 2006. Therewith, 3 application round resulting in the participation of 46 institutions, research centres and companies. The topics of the sub-projects cover a wide range of themes from Underwater Acoustics, Integrated Coastal Zone Management up to sea keeping sailing yachts. Thereby, the combination of incentive system for thematic action, the overall strategy of development and a continuous and professional consulting seems to be a most efficient way to create dynamic in a region. Referring to the experiences at the end of the part-financed periode of the operational progress, the conception of InterMareC creates a tremendous dynamic regarding the initiated process of maritime cluster development in the 3 regions. Based on a defined framework ('top-down-structure') plus the project related participation of sub-project participants ('bottom-up-thematic') as well as the support of a professional facilitation, the holistic approach of InterMareC could be shown as a good practice example. Consequently, the partners of InterMareC are collecting in the last year of the INTERREG operation all the lessons learnt and organised a final event with the participation of the highest political representatives from the regions. The results have been summarised in the final InterMareC booklet: InterMareC – Interregional Maritime Cluster: The benefite of Interregional Cooperateion.
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