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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The goal of our project "Internships in Europe" is to enable students in the Höhere Berufsfachschule (branch of study: Organisation and Officemanagement) as well as students in vocational educations to do a 3-week internship in Budapest, Hungary or Dublin, Ireland. Because of Bitburg's location it is particularly important for our students to gain work experience abroad. Bitburg is close to the neighbouring country Luxembourg, which offers a large amount of workplaces for a lot of Germans that live in the structurally weak area of the Eifel. Additionally, Belgium and an American Air Base are both close by. The internship abroad is supposed to allow students to gain work experience away from their home companies and their vocational school as well as to improve their language skills. The participants will be supported in their personality development and in the acquisition of competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) with a view to improving their personal development and employability in the European labour market and beyond. In addition, the participants will experience being a citizen of Europe and therefore strenghten the feeling of being part of the European Union. After the participants are chosen by an application procedure, they will take part in a preparatory course held by the Theobald-Simon-School Bitburg. In the first days the participants will be greeted by the partner organisation and they will receive all the necessary information. The participants will introduce themselves to their internship companies and institutions at the beginning of their stay. All participants will be in their host companies and institutions thereafter. They can take part in commonly organized trips or cultural activities on the weekends. At the end of the third week, all participants will have a common feedback meeting with the host organization. Just as in the past years the students should be more independent and mature when they return from the internship abroad. They are more secure in the foreign language of English, are more cosmopolitan because of friendships made in the host countries and become more self-confident through the experience. Moreover, the neighbouring countries Luxembourg and Belgium are considered to be possible work places. We hope that the publication of our internships abroad and their results will lead to more awareness of cosmopolitanism. Additionally, we expect an increasing acceptance of the internship by the local companies. They will benefit from the acquired language knowledge and skills of the participants and will therefore support the participation in the internship by future apprentices. Moreover, it is important to support the teenagers in the structurally weak area of the Eifel. A lot of teenagers have a problem finding an apprenticeship or a job later. Therefore, the nearby Luxembourg offers an attractive alternative for a job opportunity as the teenagers do not have to leave the region completely.
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