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Internship - opportunity to close the gap between theory and practical reality
Start date: Oct 1, 2014, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Ion Mincu" Technological High School Vaslui is an upper-secondary vocational school and it is located in Vaslui,a region in which the population is economically affected due to the instable economical structure.It is considered a disadvantaged region with a high level of poverty and unemployment. The school educates a number of 1200 students.There are 84 teachers who want to improve their teaching skills according to European recquests.The school provides both theoretical and vocational grounding,having classes in the following fields:Social Sciences,Philology,Environment,Construction and Public Works,Food Industry,Tourism and Nourishment, Mechanics,Aesthetics,etc. "Ion Mincu" Technological High School has experience in local and European projects.These projects led to improved conditions in developing the teaching-learning process,the training skills. It also led to good practice examples in the field of professional and training education and to the growth of the Institutional European dimenssion.Experiences and activities gained by our institution's actors, showed that knowledge is life long learning and by ongoing perfecting and training, we realiaze"how little we know"compared to how much there is to learn. The school aims that our students have the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom and gain practical perspectives regarding work and society. This project will cover a 24-month period.The project aims at selecting a target group of 99 minor students aged 15 to 18, both girls and boys, from all ethnic, religious, health and social condition. The selected students will be from classes X-XI, performing IVT in the fields of Food Industry, Aesthetics,Tourism and Nourishment,Construction and Fittings. The project's aim is to improve personal and professional competences of future graduates of IVT from 'Ion Mincu' Technological High School, studying in the fields Food Industry,, Tourism and Nourishment, Aesthetics, Construction and Fittings, in order to facilitate the transition from school to work, developing career perspective. To meet the project purpose we propose three objectives. 1. Developing the practical skills of 99 students from IVT, in the fields of Food Industry, Tourism and Public Alimentation, Aesthetics, Construction and Public Works, aged 15-18, who perform trainship at the relevant economic agents in Portugal, Spain, Malta, Italy, Cyprus, over a period of 90 hours in order to be better prepared for in the field of study. 2. Using formal and non-formal methods will develop entrepreneurial competences for 99 beneficiaries from “Ion Mincu” Technological High School, during the 90 hours of internship carried out during the three weeks in the host organizations. 3. Growth of 7% of the number of students from 'Ion Mincu' Technological High School who will continue studies avoiding early school leaving, achieving a better educational level which leads to an increased employment. The activities of this project will cover preparation,implementation and follow-up.There will be 7 flows, 2 action: A1 VET learners in companies and A2 Staff training abroad. Flow1:Portugal,15 minor students (1with special needs), grades X,XI,Food Industry,3 accompanying teachers,3 weeks, , Flow2:Spain,14 minor students, grades X,XI,Food Industry,2 accompanying teachers,3 weeks, Flow3:Malta,14 minor students, grades X, XI,Tourism and Nourishment,2 accompanying teachers,3 weeks,Flow4:Malta,14 minor students, grades X, XI,Tourism and Nourishment,2 accompanying teachers,3 weeks, Flow5:Malta,14 minnor students, grades X, XI,Aesthetics, 2 accompanying teachers,3 weeks, Flow6:Italy,14 minor students, grades X, XI,Aesthetics,2 accompanying teachers,3 weeks, Flow7:Cyprus,14 minor students, grades X,XI,Construction,2 accompanying teachers,3 weeks. The practical activities during the flows will be held by the students, 5days/week, 6 hours/day,according to Learning Agreement. On Saturday and Sunday there will be planned cultural activities and language training.Accompanying teachers will monitor and guide participants during the internship.Monitoring of the placement for each flow will be done by communication means of accompanying teachers with project team and tutors. The impact of the project will be at the level of: students,accompanying teachers,partner organisations, local and regional partners, national and European systems.The results will be quantitative and qualitative.Beneficiaries will receive 99 Europass Mobility Certifcates,99 Europass Lingvistic Passports,99 Participation Certificates,will fill in 99 Europass CVs, will make 99 portfolios. The accompanying teachers will get15 Participation Certificates.The final products will be:the project site,4 LDCs,4 course aids,auxiliary materials, 2specialized magazines,1 exhibition of products made by students,1 technical dictionary. Getting news competences, the transition from school to work will be eased and they will commit themselves to future jobs.

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