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Internship – Bridging Theory and Practice
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

„Anghel Rugina” College of Economics Vaslui will implement the project „Internship – Bridging Theory and Practice” during a period of 24 months, aiming at bringing about a change in our way of considering education, a kind of high-quality education meant to meet both the needs of our students and the needs of their parents and local community.Analyzing the needs of the target group, the needs of the school and of the local community, the way the students specializing in tourism and economic activities develop theoretical and practical activities, the opportunities offered by the local economic agents, we concluded that there is little power of the practical activities developed by the students specilizing in tourism and economic activities to facilitate their acquirement of key competences according to the present requirements on the labour market. Starting from the identified problem, the project aims at ensuring the students specializing in tourism and economic activities an appropriate environment in which to develop all the competences necessary to integrate into the European labour market.In order to bring about the change in this direction, there have been established the following objectives: developing two Local Development Curricula introducing new subjects for the integrated practical training in the areas of tourism and economics, which are hotel services and advertising, respectively; developing key competences in hotel services for 37% of the total number of students in the 10th and 11th grades specializing in tourism; developing key competences in advertising for 25% of the total number of students in the 10th grade specializing in economic activities; developing the level of language competences for a number of 84 students, focusing on developing the specific vocabulary for the area they specialize in.In order to reach the objectives established, there have been identified centers which can provide the practical training of students in an appropriate environment so as to develop the competences aimed at by the new subjects in practical training which we would like to implement. The target group to participate into the mobilities throughout the period of the project (24 months) is made up of 84 students in the 10th and 11th grades specializing in tourism/hotel services and economic activities. They will acquire knowledge and abilities which will facilitate their better integration on the labour market.The project will be implemented in three stages: the pedagogical, linguistic, inter-cultural, task-related preparation of the participants; the implementation of the mobilities in the identified centers; and the follow-up. During the last stage there will be developed activities meant to multiply the experiences by elaborating educational materials to support the theoretical materials of two new subjects which will be developed and implemented for the students in the 10th grade specializing in services (Tourism and Advertising), creating video materials to support the activities developed by the teachers with the students specializing in tourism, developing an advertising workshop, initiating a local competition entitled Advertising makes difference.Reaching all the objectives established will contribute to developing a higher-quality theoretical and practical education provided by our institution, to the enlargement of the educational offer and the development of the European dimension in the type of education we provide, in order to facilitate a better integration of our students on the European labour market
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