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Internet Training Portal on Security and Safety at Work for Workers with Difficult Access to Continuing Training

The project will establish an internet portal to train employees about health and safety in the workplace. The portal will provide a series of training courses addressed to specific jobs. An overarching project aim is to increase compliance in Europe with EC health and safety directives by targeting training at workers, both employees and the self-employed, who have difficulty in accessing training. Available e-learning technology will be adapted for use by the project, with the emphasis placed on learner-centred training. A 'needs analysis' will identify employment sectors that are in particular need of health and safety training. Based on the results of the 'needs analysis', different courses will be offered to meet the needs of different employment sectors. Attention will be paid to the pedagogical, functional and technical requirements of trainees and the training courses on offer. A homogenous curriculum course structure will be developed for each job-specific course, and a range of teaching tools will be employed to impart information. Tutors will be trained in the partner countries to impart expert advice with regard to the use of the project's e-learning tools. Courses will be piloted in EN and made available at the dissemination phase of the project in all participating partner languages. Dissemination will largely be via the project website, with the possibility of some level of CD-Rom distribution should internet access be identified as a problem in certain partner countries. Collaboration with health and safety bodies will be sought as part of the dissemination process.

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